Friday, December 10, 2010

The point of reporting the news is not to make one recliner-bound old man smile for half a second. You're the NEWS, not Ziggy!!

I can't believe it's already Friday. Shit. I am so excited that I can officially say TEN DAYS TIL LITTLE D!!! On the other hand, holy fuck I have two finals on the horizon.

Um, so why the Johnny Depp pic? Well, even though I mention a bunch of movies below, I'm too busy and/or lazy to get images for them, and I do mention Depp in that discussion, so it seemed only right.

So, anyway. Bourdain was supposed to have 3 teeth out today, but judging by the bag of teeth I was given, he is a toothless cat now! Well, he still has his canines. He hasn't been hiding all night, either! He came out and about shortly and wanted to eat! (Wet food, needless to say!) His brother is quite pissy because Bourdain smells medicine-y, so he keeps hissing at him. Sigh, it's always something. And though Bourdain is always a happy kitty, he does seem especially happier, so I wonder if it's because his mouth doesn't hurt anymore.

And naturally, they charged us for each of EIGHT TEETH (I looked at the itemized bill) not the three they said they would extract. It's hard to get upset since I am glad they did it and it's best to knock him out once, but they couldn't call? Cause jesus fuck, I'm thinking it couldn't have been anymore expensive if MY fucking dentist did it. (I almost wrote "a real doctor," but that might be a little more insulting than I intended, ha ha...) Pricey goddamn cat, in any case.

So you may have noticed I've gone on a Christmas movie hiatus. Finals will do that to you, I'm afraid. I think I am finished with my paper as of this morning, so there's that. I am putting it away until late tomorrow or Sunday, so I can read through it with fresh-er eyes. It's due Monday by 6 pm. Before you go, "Wow, gee, you finished early," I should say my first final is that next Tuesday morning and then the real beast, the one where I have to like, learn it all cause it lived all semester on the back burner, that one's Thursday morning.

And I have two mini-papers for my trial class, based on my and someone else's presentations. Not worried about that.

So watch out when I'm done, because not only will I be all over my remaining Christmas movies, but goddammit I'm going to the theater. There's starting to be a bunch of shit worth watching again.

First of all, I don't know if I even want to see The Fighter, but I love living in Boston. They had three midnight shows pre-opening night. That's Harry Potter-heavy. And I remembered they held the premiere of The Town at Fenway Park. So Boston clearly supports its own, what can I say.

But I actually do quite like Mark Wahlberg as an actor, so I have no problem seeing it.

Also, wow, I still have to see The Social Network (it's still out, amazingly) and 127 Hours, Black Swan (more on this in a second), and I'm still a little curious about Morning Glory...

This is just off the top of my head, I know there's more.

Okay, I think whoever created the trailer for Black Swan should be peed on and then fired. Could you cram more angst into a trailer? And especially for people like me who want to like Natalie Portman but just can't anymore due to her annoying followers and the twinge of self-righteousness that may in fact just be my imagination. I'm can't say for sure what it is about Natalie Portman that just bugs me for the past couple years, but I'm sure there is a really great blog post out there somewhere that says it far better than I could. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, the consensus from people whose opinions I respect and who have seen it is that it's really beautiful to watch and should not be taken seriously. Visually it's more Cronenberg/Lynch and story-wise it's just silly and OTT. You would never get this from the trailer. If the trailer took itself any more seriously it would need a Prozac prescription.

On the flip side, The Tourist just came out, and though it has been resoundingly yawned over, I'd totally watch it for the scenery (human and country alike). Mostly because I get a goofy Thomas Crowne Affair vibe from the two-second trailer. As in, it's probably fun to watch but it would irritate you if you gave it any real thought. And I'm also willing to bet TCA has way more style and thought behind it. (I'm talking about the 90s version, which I still prefer to the McQueen/Dunaway version, that's right, I said it.) Even The Tourist trailer is crap, but I'm still happy to tap into vapid brain mode right about now.

Oooh, and must-sees coming out soon are Rabbit Hole and The Tempest. Nicole Kidman in the former (and back to good stuff I think) and Helen Mirren in the latter.

So the paper is done (ish) so now it's me, the Yule Log channel, evidence, agency (oh agency, I am so sorry) and opening/closing argument points for Sunday. Yup, I have trial team all day Sunday. Hopefully not ALL DAY. Hopefully they're not THAT sadistic.

Another 30% chance of flurries tonight. C'mon Boston, make it work.

[Editor's Note: Hey, I never did mention Johnny Depp, did I? He's in The Tourist, okay? There.]

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