Friday, December 03, 2010

He said...and I'm quoting here..."soon."

I can only hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass (re: finals), BUT CAN WE HAVE SNOW NOW PLEASE??! At this rate, it's not going to snow here until I fly home to Texas for Christmas!

Though ironically, Denton, TX saw a shit-ton more snow than Boston, MA last year. Including our first white Christmas since 1926! :D Can we have another one?

I also intensely miss fireplaces, needless to say. Although thanks to a law school friend's facebook post, I now know about YULE LOG!

It's a little pathetic, but I will take it where I can get it, man.

This is the Yule Log Cam, I believe. So I can sit here and have a "roaring fire" (yes, yes, on my TV) with xmas music playing (I think I will play my own, thanks). There is a slightly different channel with just a loud crackling, fire. But the Yule Log is sexier. Yes, I am very discriminating.

So last night was my last night of class! It was my favorite class, and the prof even brought little mini muffins and cider. (There are 12 of us.) I couldn't stop eating them but was trying since D and I had reservations at Rabia. The online menu is very old, apparently, but still pretty similar. Their menu there at the restaurant was much more extensive.

I was taking D for xmas dinner and also to kinda celebrate being halfway done with law school, assuming I don't fail evidence or agency. O_o

I really meant to take my camera and I'm pissed that I didn't. We will simply have to go back and order the same things again. For the appetizer, we had the lobster bruscetta bisque thing--not on the online menu--which is this bread bowl filled with lobster chunks and bisque...I think it was gone in four bites--two each.

D had the:

Ziti with Broccoli & Artichokes
Broccoli florets, artichoke hearts & ziti served in a garlic, lemon & extra-virgin olive oil sauce

I had the:

Honey-Glazed Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Ravioli
In a cream gorgonzola sauce drizzled with a balsamic reduction glaze

We shared a cherry crumble cheesecake which smelled radiantly fresh before you even took a bite.

It was completely dead in there, even for a Thursday night, which I really liked. I hate to feel rushed and that's a real possibility in the North End. You simply CANNOT go in the summer because the tourists ruin it. So many places don't even take reservations--why should they? Nor do most places even have coffee or dessert--again, that would seriously hinder their turnover and profit, that's how fucking crazy it gets. And watch out--some places also don't take credit cards! Yikes. Actually that happens in all of Boston with minor regularity...scary if you're like me and don't have an ATM card and never carry cash!

So I like the North End in the winter and even the weekends in winter are probably worth avoiding. But I would go back to Rabia's anytime, my ravioli was superb.

Oh, and here's the Prosecco Brut Maschio I bought myself while I was waiting for D. (I was at least reading my agency notes...) I used my phone's camera which is on the crappy side...

It's not like champagne at all, it's hard to describe. But it was quite nice. I was also sitting at the oyster bar--I think (like so many places here) they are also known for their oysters. I'm not a HUGE oyster fan, but in small doses they are fun. Like once a year. And not last night. I went for heavier fare...


Anonymous said...

I'm hungry.

Ellen Aim said...

me, too! ;)