Saturday, December 18, 2010

$1,000 worth of pizza? His arteries must be as clogged as a toilet at the State Fair.

Wow, so it has been a while since I've been able to pop an xmas movie in while cooking, let alone be able to sit down and just watch on the sofa. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was still in the computer, so I took it out and filed it under "S" for "Totally Fucking Piece of Shit," and then looked for what should be next.

I still have to wrap up my closing argument, but in the meantime, there is rugelach to be made as well as espresso martini jelly shots and Kahlua fudge brownies! And I need to pack! So movie time.

#38. Just Friends (2005)

I saw this once a couple years ago, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. First of all, I don't really recommend it, but if you would like something kinda stupid that accidentally makes you laugh and you don't really hate yourself after, then this works fairly well.

I don't really know Amy Smart but she's decent in this, Ryan Reynolds does comedy really well in my opinion, but the point is that Anna Faris is always worth watching.

It goes on a little long but it has enough moments that it was worth having on while making Espresso Martini Jelly Shots! (They have to set, I haven't started knocking them back yet...)

#37. Scrooged (1988)

Always an awesome one. I always like it when Bill Murray manages to be in good movies. Lots of great supporting characters, too, needless to say. Great quotable lines.

You know what's weird, though? Even though this movie is from 1988 and it's pretty obvious just from his hair, it has never felt that way to me. I've just never associated it with the 80s the way I do so many other movies (even some early 90s ones). I guess it always felt more like an early 90s movie somehow. Maybe I'm just crazy.

It's also funny (and I forgot) that this is directed by Richard Donner--he of the Lethal Weapon trilogy. /random.

Anyway, it's so enjoyable I almost don't feel bad about the fact that I should be working on my closing argument right now. *whistles innocently*

#36. Peter's Friends (1992).

See? Like what the fuck, Scrooged is four years older than this? Really?

Anyway, yes, this really is a New Year's flick. And I care because why...? My list, my rules. I have Thanksgiving shit on here, too, it's a "holiday list."

No one ever knows this movie, and it's probably not very good, but I've got a buttload of nostalgia for it. I don't think I could really recommend it in good faith unless I encountered some anglophile who hadn't somehow run across it. After all, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and Tony Slattery who totally reminds me of my Beantown bartender. :O

#35. Bridget Jones' Diary (2006)

I was saving this one for when I really needed it, but now's as good a time as any. The second one is an utter turd, but they really got the first one just right.

I know, I know, god forbid someone hire the Texas girl to play a Brit, *eyeroll*.In any case, I think Renee Zellweger does a kick-ass Bridget Jones. And I know it was soooo interesting (somehow?) as to how much weight Zellweger gained or lost around this role (you could say the same about Christian Bale, but when a guy does it, it's all about "how devoted" to the role he is, you know?)

Like, why was this even made? (And why am I re-posting it?) Because um, am I the only one who, were I a guy, would rather meet up with the chick on the left? After all, no one wants to break their special lady friend. ;)

But the movie is super fun, Colin Firth is always pretty easy on the eyes, and it's fucking funny. 'nuff said. I guess this one's actually a bit of a New Year's movie, too, but it's mostly Christmas. Reindeer jumper and all.


alex said...

Yay, more holiday movies!

And HOLY CRAP. Renee's a pretty girl, but I personally think the photo on the left looks like a more healthy time in her life. I know she works in an industry where the look on the right is expected, and iirc she took a lot of shit over the years until she conformed to look that emaciated.

I'm looking forward to a time when the look on the right is embraced again. It's sexy and incidentally effing healthy.

alex said...

*EDIT. "a time when the look on the LEFT is embraced again."

Ellen Aim said...

Yeah, not to mention she looks HAPPY in the fuller one and grimacing in the second. Which could be COMPLETELY unrelated, but there it is.

And considering xmas is 5-6 days away, I smell an xmas movie MARATHON at this point. ;)

Veloute said...

Left is WAY hotter. I want to give the girl on the right a bacon cheeseburger and a beer. O_O