Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How deliciously cryptic.

I'm not sure when I started hating multiple choice, but I think I might now. And this is a really bad sign because the bar? Yeah, HALF of that 2-day long bastard IS multiple choice.

I had my first final this morning...wait.

Ok, I needed to go to a happy place. (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is very much in a need of a re-watch, I'm realizing...)

I'm back. So technically my first final. My seminar paper was due on Monday, so that's in. I am still positive that professor is going to delicately rescind her offer for me to be one of her research assistants next semester. We'll see.

So this was 40 questions, 3 hours and I did have time to revisit them all. Yeah, I changed FIVE. I know what they say about not changing shit, your first impulse, BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I am 31, I know me, and I read fast. I miss shit. I do. So I really think I was right to change the answers. Except for one. One I know I got wrong even though I changed it.

I am pretty sure I missed at least 3 (after talking about the exam with my friends L and D, and we usually have a steadfast rule that YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THESE FUCKERS AFTERWARDS). But it's hard not to talk about it...anyway. I don't think I bombed, but I really wanted to do well. For my GPA, for the fact that anyone who works in trial in any capacity really ought to have a solid grasp of the federal rules of evidence, and just for my own ego, you know?

I also turned in one of my two trial critiques--the one for the other guy. I still have to do my own, which I am not worried about. L and I are going to finish up reviewing our trial Friday afternoon with beers. So I really just have Thursday morning to worry about. And oh holy jesus am I worried.

But I really do think I grasp the concepts and however terrified I may be, I think I am more prepared than I realize? (What stage of which syndrome does "delusion" fall under?)

In any case, it won't be happening tonight and tonight I am packing it in and trotting literally next door to go watch Weezer rock the fuck out to their very first album. :D

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