Friday, July 17, 2009

You're more like the grey slush that gets plowed in an Arby's parking lot.

I had so much to do today, aside from work: pick up my new glasses, visit my good friend, get my massage (I know, I know), go out to lunch, sell my car, etc.

And in a completely unrelated aside, don't you hate it when you're up late at night and some episodes of some syndicated show that you actually like comes on, and somehow they are ALL THE WORST EPISODES OF THAT SHOW EVER.

Anyhoo, back to my point. I only had a brief moment, you know, a what the fuck moment when I was locking up at work and alone and not only not going back but about to sell my car a few hours later. I did not freak out, and a cell phone is a good friend.

One friend texted, "It's perfectly normal to feel this way. Savor the silence and embrace the freedom. So say we all. ;)"

Another texted, "I'm a little bit everything okay?"

And yet the third grabbed me and said, "SMOKE UP, JOHNNY!"

And I really think there should be more entertaining things on TV this late. Afraid to go to bed because then it will be stressful moving time!

The only thing that would make me not care would be if I could just transport all of us there. The stuff can take its seven-day journey or whatever. But yeah, otherwise, it looks like Tuesday is going to be Beantown Day!

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