Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can do this, but that would require you to stop snacking on children while they dream.

Look at me! I think I've got my shit together! Pie for everyone!

I faxed my authorization to the movers and it's ON for Saturday. My friends are buying my Vobeast Hans. And lastly, I've been given all my shots necessary for school (wtf, Hep B? really, guys?) even though it was definitely a hassle.

I went to the doctor to update my tetanus, but they don't do Hep B shots (which are a series of THREE shots spaced out over 4-6 months, nice). So I go to the county health department. Yesterday at 11:31 they inform me they stop at 11:30, even though I'd been speaking with them on the phone just prior and been given the oh-so-helpful descriptive assistance of, "Yes, the building is brown," (it's NOT, fyi) and "It's on Loop 288." Omfg, that and EVERY OTHER STATE OR COUNTY BUILDING EVER. So I did not eat her bitchy little face, yay me.

Today? Got the nicest, most helpful person (little inflexible rat girl was also there) who was the sweetest person and chatted with me endlessly (in a good way) about how much I'm going to like Boston and the Quincy Market. (I almost drooled on the counter a little during that last part.) The woman who gave me a shot perked up when she saw me smile upon walking back when my number was called. It is my impression most of the clientele does not smile.

I did think it was a little odd to be asked why I wanted a Hep B shot, and other than needing to update my records for school, why would someone get one? I guess if one is my age (i.e., born prior to '91 when it wasn't one of the routine baby shots) and still playing the field, it's a good idea, but do you need to ask?

Maybe they get a lot of people who are already infected and uh, let's say, uninformed? I did not ask.

Anyhoo. I'm so behind on this I forgot to mention the greatest show I saw last week at Scat Jazz Lounge! I took my mom to see Kat Edmonson, an Austin singer I saw a year ago at the Elephant Room. A friend and I were staying at the Hilton and I wanted to walk down there simply because I have such fond memories of the place. I picked a good night!

She's exactly my size (well, sans pooch and presumably younger), but with this wonderful sultry part-Billie Holiday-part-Peggy-Lee voice going on. (So unfair!) She finally got to release an album, Take to the Sky, this past March (I think?) and it is really great. (My favorite tracks include Just One Of Those Things, Summertime, and Charade.) She also does a great The Very Thought of You cover, but it's only on her myspace, not the album.

And speaking of things not on the album, when I saw her last, she sang Over the Rainbow, and though I'd already really noticed her, that was what sent me over the top. So last week during the break I chatted her up, mentioning how much I enjoyed that cover (which, as it turns out, is one she has rarely played live). Hooray, she sang it at the beginning of the next set just for me! Squee! When some songs are so often covered, it's hard to do them well enough to be noticed. No problem with that here!

So that was a really great last show in Fort Worth for me, and I was doubly glad I got to take my mom. Scat has always been a great venue, I wish I'd known about it years ago!

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