Sunday, July 05, 2009

I could floss with that girl.

Randomly, (nearly) the rest of my New York pictures! We spent the last few days in Brooklyn with Emily & Gene. Sunday we set out for Williamsburg, in search of foodie. Luckily the area was not as yuppie-saturated as we'd been warned.

We got a little turned around at first, and happened upon this place...

We're pretty sure the bakery sign is for least we sure didn't see any bread. They had some really great prints and books, though. Emily got me a great print for my birthday and I got Sophia a cool book for her upcoming 5th birthday.

Then it was off to the Brooklyn Brewery...

They had some really great beers; between the three of us I think we managed to sample most of them (esp the unusual ones). We had a small tour over here by the tanks, where they told us about the history of the place.

We saw this board by the tanks as we left the tour, and it amused me, so I took a picture.

Turns out, Monster is their resident mouser! I met him later, but forgot to snap a photo. He was a great cat, but his fur was incredibly filthy! Someone liked rolling in the dirt...

The goal was to find some incredible Brooklyn pizza, so we headed into Manhattan on the trains so we could walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge, where one of better pizza haunts lives.

It was really scenic; there were lots of people but it was never annoyingly crowded. That's Manhattan we're leaving behind. It's rush hour at this point, so all that traffic is heading out, too.

If you look to the left of the city, you can see Lady Liberty!

More Manhattan!

We made it into Brooklyn and got in line at Grimaldi's Pizza. If you enlarge the pic, you can see a green awning way up there. That's the entrance. It was an hour and a half wait (we discovered the hard way), but it was actually worth it!!

I had my usual cheese, the other half was pepperoni. The pepperoni itself was unlike any I'd ever had before. I could have eaten it for days. The pizza itself was made with slices of cheese, rather than shredded. It made a huge difference in taste. I never thought I'd meet a pizza significantly different from the rest (I mean, come on, y'know?), but this was worth the wait.

Apparently it's one of the handful of places left with original coal ovens. (They all tend to burn down.) The old places are grandfathered in, but it's illegal now in the rest of the city.

The place is small inside, so we opted to take our pizza down to the pier.

It was getting to be sunset, so it was very pretty. We hung out for a little longer then hopped back on the trains for the short ride home.

We stayed in that evening; some of their friends had just gotten back from overseas travel. It was nice to sit for the evening and not walk everywhere! (Walking isn't so bad, but the heat was pretty impressive considering the time of year.)

Emily and Isis relax...

...and Chazz does some of his famous can see his little eyes!

The next day we spent in Park Slope, which was gorgeous, but will have to be another post!


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