Friday, July 03, 2009

I like Dickache.

Whoops, kinda neglected this for a while...

Hooray! Had a great birthday this past weekend. Spent the evening at The Granada in Dallas to see a couple bands, and even ate cheese fries at Snuffer's next door beforehand. Shh. But they're so tasty...

(photo credit, Bill Ellison; I didn't want to drag my Rebel around that night, but this was my view!)

One of my favorite local bands, Odis, was headlining, which meant I got to hear absolutely everything on the record (yes, I just said "record," that's how old I am) and the couple faves I have that haven't been recorded yet. It was a great last show--they go on tour now and I'm outta here in two weeks. And of the three bands before, The Campaign was my favorite. I bought their album...only five songs, but quite good! (And also only $5.)

Sunday was very relaxing, spent at the theater. I finally got to see Up in 3D (which I can't really see due to my eyes--strabismus and all--it's mild but it messes with my depth perception) and thought I'd see what the big to-do about The Hangover was all about.

Up was really cute--I think it was pretty sentimental and intense for younger audiences (I could be crazy), but I did enjoy it. (And JESUS, that ten minute montage designed to kick you in the emotional nads...thanks, Pixar.) But certainly worth the matinee price.

The Hangover was certainly funny in parts...on the whole I thought the performances were great (I know, I was pretty surprised myself), but the writing and story just had almost zero effort. Like after the concept they just hoped it would write itself. The two inspired scenes were the photos over the end credits and the initial morning-after scene. Whoever got to deck out the hotel room obviously had a lot of fun.

It was good to see ex-Daily Show correspondent Ed Helms in something big box office. (And it was fun to see him get to be a guest on the show a couple weeks ago, too.)

Also saw Public Enemies opening night, but that will have to be another post! D seems to have gotten temporarily desperate, since he is out watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as I type. You take what Denton gives you.


Veloute said...

Oh, yes, that Pixar thing. Man.

Also, the first bit of Up! just nearly does me in each time I've seen it. Never seen it in 3D! Both kids like it but Sophia not a fan of the "scary dogs".

Ellen Aim said...

I imagined that first bit is nearly impossible for you. I can see you almost dreading it. ;)

I would think the Alpha Dog's "broken" voice might help defuse the scary!

Veloute said...

Loved Alpha Dog's voice, lol.

But it didn't.