Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?

Lots of fun in Fort Worth, ate an obscene amount of chocolate from Schakolad, and walked all around downtown. Interesting storms yesterday forced us inside for the better part of the day, but we're a resourceful pair.

Came home today and checked email and my stats from the website I write for and got a great laugh. Typically my most-frequented articles are about TV shows and get about 80 hits a day or so, nothing much. It shows me the weekly trends, usually up 20% or down 11%, etc. Well this week I'm running at 1100% more. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw that. I figured it was a mistake or I accidentally wrote about my lesbian locker room French kissing experiences and forgot. But no, alas! I wrote an article about the ten best St. Patrick's Day movies, and this week, unlike the 80-100 average hits, it has nearly 6,000. As far as I can tell, it looks like imdb featured a link to my article on their homepage, causing the surge in hits. Dammit! I wish I could have seen that!!

I also saw Point Break for the first time today, which was actually a lot of fun. (D was very excited to watch it again). Some really painful acting moments from Keanu (not to mention a terribly two-dimensional role for John C. McGinley, but he gave it his best), but it kinda goes with the territory. But it was a good action movie, much much better than I expected all these years. Forgot Kathryn Bigelow directed it, of Strange Days fame. Her next movie, Hurt Locker, is also starring Ralph Fiennes and Guy Pearce. Mmm hmmm. Too bad it's set in Iraq, should be a real upper.


SkylersDad said...

Did you see the Mythbusters episode where they proved there was no way they could have done the jump out of the plane without a chute stunt?

It was way cool!

Ellen Aim said...

lol, I did not but that show is addictive.

And I was totally making noise during that if!!

Veloute said...

Wow! Cool! :D