Sunday, March 23, 2008

I never had an answer. I guess that's why I'm working at Initech.

I was really conflicted about whether or not I should go see a show Friday night, as it meant getting out of work early (a pain in the ass in itself). But I did and it was so much fun. I went to see Trish Murphy, who I used to see play in Austin quite frequently.

She played at the Palace Theatre in downtown Grapevine, where I'd never been. Really cute downtown and what a neat theatre. I was thrilled to see they do weekly movies, too. I think the first week of April there's a screening of Citizen Kane. Can't say I'm pumped to see it again so soon (meh, maybe) but it's exciting to know I can.

Anyhoo, great show. She didn't play a couple of her biggest hits, which surprised me, but then again I never did understand how performers can play certain songs ad nauseum for the rest of their lives. How does Depeche Mode play Enjoy the Silence without offing themselves at this point?

I own all her albums except her first one (and apparently her second album is out of print...had I worn my brain that night I would have brought it for an autograph) so I bought the first album, Crooked Mile, and chatted with her a bit, which was fun.

Stuff like that really breaks up the week nicely.

And going to Japan next week should help even more. I'm thinking about quitting my job before or after I get back, I can't decide. I just...really hate it.

But I am OFF TODAY and by god, I'm making fried pickles because I haven't had them in ages. No one can stop me.

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