Friday, March 07, 2008

Two degrees colder, me without my muff.

Here is another favorite photo from last week in Pigeon Forge. Before and during the snow, we had really low clouds. So late in the afternoon Thursday when the sun came out and the clouds went away, I looked outside and said to D, "Uh, did you notice those giant mountains in the back there?" He hadn't seen them either (low clouds, I tell you!), so luckily I didn't have to wonder about my sanity.

(The ones that nearly blend in with the clouds--the picture doesn't do them justice but they were really impressive).

Speaking of snow, we had some a few days ago and then Wednesday it was around 75 or so and then last night we had another "huge" winter snow storm. North of us got really nailed, our neighborhoods just saw a little ice, and there's some frost on the roof. It just better not fuck with my purple irises that are starting to come up!

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