Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm no criminal. I can't even sell retail, and that's legal!

Yup, that may been the lamest, dullest week ever. Nothing to report. Didn't really even watch any movies. I did forget to mention I watched Into the Wild a while back and really enjoyed it.

And yes, I say that even knowing there are many, many Christopher McCandless nay-sayers who grind their teeth every time someone praises his adventures. I mean, rightly so, it was more than a little stupid, what he did. That doesn't mean it can't also be admired. I hate to go into too much detail, as not everyone has seen it, but I can really see both sides of the argument. It's still a great story and a great watch.

Netfux sent me Pink Flamingos and I'm really working up the nerve to watch it. Tried once years ago and could not get through it.

Today is D's birthday, in addition to being St Patrick's Day. We're off to a hotel in Fort Worth, located downtown. That's really for Marshmallow Day, to be honest. We celebrated his birthday in February (the cabin) so this is actually a treat for me on his birthday. I should probably pick him up a little something anyway...!

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