Thursday, January 24, 2008

You're the new me. No wait... I'm the new me.

I've been dicking around with our computer set-up for a few days now. I finally bought a USB hub because it was frustrating to choose between Superfly Amadeus Shaft (our ipod), my camera's SD drive and now potentially the printer and scanner being hooked up. Only one at a time. So now they're all plugged in. But some of them won't matter.

For example, the scanner's software is designed for a PC. I have a Mac. Okay, scratch the scanner.

The printer won't print. The diagnostic prints fine and I even downloaded a driver for it just in case that was the problem (thanks, Alex!), but it still tries to print 10 pages instead of 1, with a little ink on each, all a-jumble. It's an HP Deskjet, it's nothing way cool but still, rather not buy another one, especially after I just bought a parallel-to-USB cord for it, not to mention ink. Fuck you, printer.

But at least now I can have my SD drive plugged in all the time. Otherwise, there was very little motivation for me to stand up, plug it in and download pictures. I'm really just that lazy.

Purple tulips D got me a few days ago when I was feeling crappy.

This one struck me as very Audrey II.

And no more catnip for Bourdain, he can't hold himself together.

I've also been playing with Dreamweaver (finally), which is not the newest version, but it cost me a bottle of Chimay. Blue, of course. So I'm really not complaining. I'm taking it very slowly, but I figured I would get a personal site up and running as a test before I go jumping into making a website for a non-existent theatre that, so far, doesn't really have a lot of info to write about.

I registered a domain name (more on that later) but I haven't picked a host yet. I wanted to time how rapidly Dreamweaver sent me into tears before deciding if I wanted a hold-my-hand type site with templates or a do-it-yourself host, which I really would prefer (I say now). I also have to decide how much space I want. I think the basic is around 50MB up to 3GB, but if I was ever tempted to do a podcast (about what I have no fucking idea, again, more on that another day), then it might be better to aim for the bigger space.

I still don't feel like I've accomplished a whole lot, but whatever. Baby steps.

We also might have ice late tonight (we usually only get ice, no actual, you know, SNOW), which sucks but makes me glad I have a later work start time than most, especially since my job no longer has the flexibility my old one did.


Triana said...


You're making leaps in my book. I'm feeling incredibly lazy now and must do something.

Ellen Aim said...

Shah, whatever, you're doing awesome posting a pic a day. Consistency (or near-consistency, anyway) is a huge thing and it and I are strangers.

Al said...

Your cat picture. lol.

That pose and what it shows is known as "tabby nook" in my house.


Veloute said...

I think you could do podcasts of movie reviews, no?

I think baby steps is definitely the way to go. You'll get there. I think you're off to a great start.

I know what you mean about consistency, though.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Howdy, there! You need to start blogging again!

Bourdain doesn't strike that pose too often, so it's extra cute when he does. His brother is more the show-off.

Vel: Yes, I assume so, but how exciting would that be?

Yes, consistency is a bitch. I'm better friends with IMPULSE and WHIM.

Veloute said...

Ah, yes, whim is well known around here. I feed it sugary things.

Well, if you talk like you write, it would be pretty damn entertaining. Maybe more so!