Monday, January 14, 2008

You have made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore.

Well, at least Johnny Depp finally won. Too bad there was, like, no ceremony. This picture is really trying to make up for it.

And as for the two people behind the podium...jesus. They may have been two of the blandest (yet most annoying) fucks on the planet. Their weak-ass banter lead me to believe they had not seen a single movie ever nor did anything but read little gossip blurbs. They didn't even announce (at this, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's award show) the Best Foreign Film, any music, screenplay awards (intentional? meow), and only partially did made-for-TV/miniseries actress/actor, it was bizarre.

That was the worst thing I have ever seen ever.

And no one won that I expected, except for Johnny and Atonement. The rest were all pretty much surprises. And Hugh Laurie lost for the first time in the three years, but on the upside I don't have to be sad for missing his speech, usually the funniest part of the whole damn show.

Anyhoo. Well so far, 2008 has not been a good year for my Netflix choices. We did see Stardust on New Year's Day and that was really great, I could even own that. So much fun. Even Claire Danes couldn't ruin it. But aside from that, it's all been mediocre as hell.

First of all, there was Zodiac. I so wanted and pretty much expected to like this.

Jake Gyllenhaal! Robert Downey Jr! And it's a David Fincher movie! (Although now that I'm looking at his filmography I wasn't crazy about Panic Room, either). It felt like its three hours. Three hours of watching someone research. Robert Downey may have totally been phoning it in, nothing was required of him. Jake was...there. Great cinematography. Yup.

I was disappointed.

And we saw Hairspray. Meh. Why? I saw the John Waters version, which was superior. I mean, everyone and everything in this was great. (Except maybe the John Travolta decision...that was...odd. But Divine worked.) So yeah, meh. Nothing special.

BUT! I am determined to turn some shit around. I have Sunshine, Paris Je t'aime, Eastern Promises. Maggie! Naked Viggo! Danny Boyle/Alex Garland! Something's going to work.


SkylersDad said...

In what universe is Billy Bush considered a celeb? WTF!!!

Get rid of that guy.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I was disappointed in Zodiac, too. But then last weekend the New York Times had an article about it and it made me re-think. Now I wish to see it again.

Ellen Aim said...

Skyler'sD: No shit. He gets PAID to be there?

[C]R: I found that article, good stuff. It has nothing but valid points and it is indeed an unusual movie in how it tackles the topic. Sadly, it struck me as a failed experiment, though I respect the attempt.