Tuesday, January 08, 2008

When it comes to boyfriends, Paulie Bleeker was totally boss.

Hee hee, thank you Alex.

And that totally blows goat balls about the Golden Globes being cancelled, they're so much more fun than the Oscars. That would suck so immensely if this was your first time to get nominated.

I watched The Namesake this afternoon. I'm usually a sucker for those bi-cultural type movies, and while this one started strongly, it ended up leaving me kinda meh. I really liked the leading lady, Tabu, and I was glad to see Kal Penn (from House, M.D.) doing something other than Harold & Kumar Felch Sheep or whatever. But as it spanned roughly 25 years in a family's life, it ended up feeling way longer than it's just-under two hour runtime.

Off to make those bitchin' black bean asparagus enchiladas (oh, baby) and finally, finally, finally watch Zodiac. Oh, and speaking of the Gyllenhaal clan, looks like one of my ladies may be on her way up from semi-obscurity:

Heath Ledger must be shitting himself, taking a whack at such a iconic role. However, I think the original is more OTT (not knocking it, it totally worked) and this looks much darker. I'm pretty curious, and I can't tell you how excited D is, it's ridiculous. July 18th.


Alex said...

Heh, and wow. Ballsy of Heath indeed. But looks promising. (From the glimpses in the preview [which aren't enough, want more! :D ] ...he's like the love child of Jack Nickelson's Joker in Batman, and Brandon Lee's Eric Draven in The Crow. And he took after his dad.

Oooh, thank you. Netf*x keeps pushing Namesake at me. Now I can ignore it in peace.

(Oh, no--I don't think Maggie G's semi-obscure. She's known. She may not be Angelina-known? But it's possible you've gone too far if you are.) ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Yeah, there is total Eric Draven/Crow in there, you nailed it.

Yeah, you could do worse than the Namesake, but it won't really add anything to your life, you know?

I just don't think she's all that *known*. She's done a lot but it's all been indie (which is fine!); and yeah, it may not be so desirable to be at the Angelina level.

Julie_Gong said...

He's good... in chair.

SkylersDad said...

Did you watch that crap show last night Peoples Choice awards?

My God, what a train wreck!

Ellen Aim said...

JG: Sorry, I'm on my hamburger phone.

Skyler'sD: Dangit, I didn't! I don't usually, but I do love me a good train wreck!