Saturday, January 26, 2008

You made me smash my Lifesavers.

In doing research for March's movie trivia, I found some interesting prospects for 2008...

First of all, Eli Roth is doing Trailer Trash, a whole movie of nothing but faux horror trailers. I never did see Grindhouse in the theatre, so for anyone else who didn't, here's his infamous Thanksgiving trailer. I can't stress how NSFW this is.

A few other notable films I'm curious about...Choke, from the Chuck Palahniuk novel (he of Fight Club fame) The Lovely Bones, which is the new Peter seems to think it will be out 2009 but most sites say 2008 (?), and then Righteous Kill which stars DeNiro and Pacino together, good times.

It also looks like Pixar may finally be getting their shit together with WALL-E, which has very little dialogue, apparently. And it comes out on my birthday, thanks Pixar!

Looks like it may be great, contrary to one comment on some post somewhere reading, "They totally just ripped off Short Circuit!"

Ok, design-wise, maybe a little...

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