Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No point in mentioning these bats, I thought. Poor bastard will see them soon enough.

It does seem like a bad idea to go into too much detail about the theatre I want to start up, not that anyone reads this thing, but all things considered, better not to shoot myself in the mouth, or however that goes. Don't want to accidentally say bad things, burn bridges, etc. So I'll try to speak as generically as possible.

I did get in touch with a local film festival director who has used the venue I wish to become ours. He went over the negatives and positives of the place, as he had been thinking along similar lines in the past. The con column had way more in it, but that never really stopped anyone, right? What it really boils down to is how much damn work that place would need. And for one screen?

As the Alamo does, I'm totally into multiple screenings each week at different times. Variety, you know. I hate to go all Inwood on it and split the thing up. Who likes those two upstairs theatres at the Inwood? No one, that's the hell who. But it is goofy to have wasted space, all the same.

I will try not to get too tied down to that location, especially as the big development that's going on in my hometown will be bringing a theatre. What kind of theatre? It remains unknown, but one of the big arthouse theaters in the metroplex is a possibility. And that would suck for me. So therefore it's bad.

On a totally separate note, I'm reading a pretty good book called Call Me By Your Name, by Andre Aciman. I got it off some Best of 2007 Fiction list, NY Times or Washington Post, I forget. I didn't really know a whole lot about it as I sat down at work to read it, but it's a bit of a naughty book. It's almost annoying just how **ANGSTY** it is, but it's also well written enough to keep me reading.

I just have to be discreet and not laugh as I'm sitting there, occasionally getting to read and running into lines like, "I would sit and watch him after having dreamt of him all night. My first thought in the morning upon seeing him was, 'Did you know I came in your mouth last night?'"


Triana said...

Ok, tell me where this is again, because I'm having trouble picturing where. Granted I haven't been to little D in a long time though, so maybe I don't know it.

Exciting you went to talk to someone who knew it more and got some questions answered. I'm still really excited about this idea.

Ellen Aim said...

Uh oh, I'm visual, so I'm the worst to say specifically with words! It's next to Ruby's Diner, on Elm. So opposite Recycled (ish). I think.

Even the roof needs work, having suffered a fire in the past.

Triana said...



The [Cherry] Ride said...

Hmm, I am intrigued by this naughty book. I am so bored with what I'm finding out there that I'm (re)reading Catcher in the Rye.

Also, I'd bet money that the theater coming to your neighborhood will be one of the lame Hollywood multiplexes. I think you're in the clear.

And good luck, btw!

Ellen Aim said...

Tri: Except for the parking!

[C]R: It actually got even better. When things finally get rolling with the two guys, there's a very naughty scene involving...a peach. Kinda hot, kinda gross. Good times.

And lol, Catcher tends to be my go-to for a re-read I know I'll like; hell, it may be everyone's...

Thanks, I really hope it is another mainstream firstrun...