Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That teaches him to mess with a man and his mannequin.

Thank god, just when I can't possibly muster even one original thought, I found a brilliant meme off No Smoking in the Skull Cave.

And while doing it, some of them demanded far more thought than I was willing to give, so I snipped at will.

Favorite quote from a filmmaker
"There's something deeply satisfying about directing the flow of water."--David Lynch

A good movie from a bad director
Adventures in Babysitting, Chris Columbus. Still really cute.

Favorite Laurence Olivier performance
A Little Romance, Diane Lane's first movie! (Sue me). I'm really not as familiar with his work as I should be...

Describe a famous location from a movie that you have visited
Kinda obvious if you read this blog, but the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, the bar from Lost In Translation.

Carlo Ponti or Dino De Laurentiis (Producer)?

Best movie about baseball
Ugh, no. I guess Field of Dreams, if I have to pick.

Favorite Barbara Stanwyck performance
Will always love Christmas in Connecticut but did just add Double Indemnity to my netfux list...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Dazed and Confused?
Dazed and Confused, REALLY no contest.

What was the last movie you saw, and why?
Jesus, I already admitted to watching The Princess Diaries, do I really have to bring it up again? Why? Damned if I know. The same reason I have a horrendous diet? Good choices I do not always make.

Whether or not you have actually procreated or not, is there a movie you can think of that seriously affected the way you think about having kids of your own?
Usually I just see movies that come out that are aimed AT kids and I shudder. And think HELL NO.

Favorite Katharine Hepburn performance
Bringing Up Baby, absolutely.

A bad movie from a good director

Steven Soderbergh...the Ocean's movies bore the shit out of me. Action and hotness yet I have zero interest.

Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom-- yes or no?
Oh sure, sounds depressing as hell.

Ben Hecht or Billy Wilder (Screenwriter)?
I'm going to go with Billy Wilder. I'm always impressed by intelligent (witty) comedy.

Name the film festival you’d most want to attend, or your favorite festival that you actually have attended
Maybe the Edinburgh one. I'll take it where I can, SXSW was fun, but might as well be in Scotland! (Sitting in the dark, watching films...wait).

Head or 200 Motels?
I'm pretty sure I saw 200 Motels at 4am at a boyfriend's apartment. I do not recall it well nor do I wish to revisit it.

Name a performance that everyone needs to be reminded of, for whatever reason
Amy Madigan in Streets of Fire. That role always cracks me up, it's very serious.

If you had the choice of seeing three final movies, to go with your three last meals, before shuffling off this mortal coil, what would they be?
Uh, wow. No idea.
Lonesome Dove; I consider it a six hour movie, thank you.
La Vita e Bella, very sweet.
Kicking and Screaming, it always makes me laugh.

And what movie theater would you choose to see them in?
The old Inwood with the red velvet seats (but perhaps redone with GOOD speakers). See first pic. NOTE: This was taken PRIOR to the building's rape and ruin by Mark Cuban. It's also where I met my husband; he was the general manager and I the projectionist. Aw. First movie here was Trainspotting with Alex at 16. They had the sexiest chocolate pretzel sticks.

Is there a movie you can think of that you feel like the world would be better off without, one that should have never been made?


MacGuffin said...

I love The Lonesome Dove tv series. Blanco had to twist my arm to watch them (it's her favorite series ever) but once we started watching I was hooked.

Skylers Dad said...

You know way too much about movies, I am in awe...

Ellen Aim said...

MacG: That's because your wife is awesome. Actually my dad taped the series when it originally aired and he loved it; I walked through the room while he was watching it and openly mocked. I finally watched it a few years later when my high school AP history teacher had it on a book list we could choose from. I now hugely adore both the book and the series.

Skyler'sD: Man, this post made me feel like I knew *nothing* about movies!

I have a degree in it and love to stay at home so some knowledge was inevitable I suppose.