Sunday, September 23, 2007

Departmental Dan?

So I'm interviewing for another position within my department mid-week. And everyone and their dogs' grandmothers are trying for this one. Snowball, hell, you get the idea. Especially as a bit of a newbie, I'm gonna hafta go in there with a boodle of personality and borderline psychotic enthusiasm for the job. I'm gonna have to make them worry I'll hurt them or myself if I don't get it. One of my co-workers already got ditched from the pool for not spelling one of their precious buzz words with the proper misspelling. I can't believe I did.

So D's in the den watching The Seventh Sign and I walk in, all "Doesn't she totally sacrifice herself for her baby at the end?" and would you believe he never saw that piece of shit? I tried to smooth it out like, hey, just asking, I don't remember... But really, Mr. Horror Move Himself never saw that godawful POS with uber-preggers Demi Moore fighting the apocalypse? No big loss, it's a fairly bad movie.

Speaking of horror movies viewed far too many times, I rewatched Terror Train last night because in writing about it, I was taking far too many things for granted. I mean, it's snowing throughout the whole damn movie but I was pretty sure that graduation and a hazing party were our two key settings (which is, you know, not really prime snow time). So I had to watch. That party at the beginning is indeed a New Year's party, but they keep referring to the pledges having to lose their virginity that night. This involved a call to D's brother (after all, it's New Years and you're still a pledge? How the fuck long does that BS go on, anyway?) to resolve. And the party on the train is indeed also a New Years party, it's just that many of them are graduating early or at least in the very immediate future.

I know, I know, it's just supposed to be scary, I just wanted to get the details right.

And I never understood why they thought it was the magician. They look NOTHING ALIKE.

So I need to polish up that "critique" and come up with some clever answers for potential interview questions that incorporate my experience at old jobs, this job, and oh yes, look at me, I stand out! Sigh.

More importantly, Vel sent me a Cougar Hunt on facebook and I learned something new today. Who knew.


Veloute said...

The things I have learned on facebook! Very educational.

Good luck on the interview!

Ellen Aim said...

Sadly, I did know what camel toe is. What a name.

And thank you!

Skylers Dad said...

Tip: When the interviewer asks you where you see yourself in 5 years, answer with "Your job doesn't look so hard."

You can thank me later...

Ellen Aim said...

omg, I would die. That is great, though.

In the interview, in my mind I alternated between the Office Space scene with the Bobs and the Shawshank Redemption when Red keeps going back for parole...