Monday, September 03, 2007

It's the end of the month, they're out of toilet seat covers!

I recently bought an espresso machine to cut down on my Starbucks expenses. Even if I only drink Americanos, I figure it adds up. And now it's starting to be the season most difficult to resist...come on, pumpkin spice latte, gingerbread latte, eggnog latte...and as Alex informed me a few days ago, the pumpkin spice latte is here.

So I found this pumpkin spice latte recipe online and tried it out. It's pretty damn good. I won't pretend it isn't a PITA, but it's certainly a damn close if not perfect replica. And hey, I wouldn't want to make it every morning anyway, it would hardly be special. Shit, it's almost too hot outside for it to be really appropriate anyway.

In the interest of humiliating myself, I should admit that I watched The Princess Diaries last night. I couldn't help it, I was curious. I mean, Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore are just really damn cute, plus it had Sandra Oh (for about two minutes) and Heather Matarazzo (not only from Welcome to the Dollhouse but Saved! with Moore as well). Oh and some chick named Julie Andrews.

I mean come on, how hot is that green dress? (Though it must have looked atrocious on the rack, what's up with those lines...) She's smokin' enough to go dateless to whatever awards shindig this is. Hell, I would go dateless if I looked like that.

Yes, of course Diaries was a turd. It was Pretty Woman Meets Romy & Michele (with actors ripped EXACTLY from Pretty Woman and put in their same role, even with some exact lines and situations, e.g. awkward formal dinner scene). Same director so I guess it's allowed? Anyway, I got it out of my system I am happy to report.

And then to recover, I watched the first disc of An Evening With Kevin Smith: Evening Harder. Anyone who has had to endure Dora the Explorer should watch the first disc just for his bit on that. But of course the whole thing was really funny. Each disc is a show, the first in Toronto and the second in London. Since it's up to the audience to ask questions, each show is different. (And I did download his Smodcast just recently and plan on listening to it on my commutes...has to make the morning better).

And after the recent talk of sex, lies and videotape I decided it had been too long and went to set it aside. And I don't even own it! Wtf? How did that happen? And it works both ways, too: sometimes I almost buy things twice. I always take that as a good sign that at least I'm consistent in the desire to own it. But in the meantime I'll have to netfux that particular Soderbergh...


Veloute said...

I will rent anything that mocks Dora.

I'd drink pumpkin spice latte everyday. In autumn. What is this hot weather you speak of? Heh heh.

Veloute said...

Okay, I just looked at the recipe. Why the coffeemate creamer? I think I may try this without that.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: I've finished both discs now, I think you'll laugh your ass off. TOTALLY NSFK.

Fuck the creamer, I did, just use CREAM. And that BS about microwaving it? Shit, by the time I'm done "frothing" it, it's ready to smoke my gums. And I didn't add sugar because jesus fuck, god forbid we don't dump a truckload of sugar in everything.

Skylers Dad said...

The green dress is way hot, but what is that thing above it? Lost in space meets trash bags?

Ellen Aim said...

It's really awful.

I love it.

Al said...

I've quit coffee now - 2 months? something like that.
But I would never have milk/froth/other stuff in my black straight up beverage.
Made a mockery of Starbucks really.

The great thing is, by now you probably have about 26 hours of SModcast to enjoy!

Ellen Aim said...

If I drink americanos or straight coffee then yes, only black.

But I love my girlie seasonal drinks, bring them on.

Kevin Smith is a very dependable laugh, he's great.