Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sergeant Butterman, the little hand says it's time to rock and roll!

I'm excited, I actually started playing around with building a website a few days ago. It's one of those building block type things that hold your hand, which can be a little annoying (no! I want this to go THERE! and it won't let you), but who am I to complain since I know zilch about this stuff. Even I'm able to navigate their site and instructions, so it must be really EZ. I still have to work on it; hopefully it won't end up abandoned...

Saw Hot Fuzz last night. Hmm. It picked up after about 25 minutes, then towards the end turned into a very over the top take on American action movies (which was funny). I was surprised at the gore and blood throughout, but good times. It was cute overall (mostly due to the characters), but also a bit long (which has been nearly everyone's one criticism). No Shaun of the Dead, but I knew that going in. It also had a creepy Timothy Dalton and a small slew of cameos, including Bill Nighy.

Set aside the criminal law book for a day in exchange for a bit of fluff and started reading The Devil Wears Prada, which is already so much better than the movie. Again, this is not a surprise. Detail! Character! Things that somehow go amiss (for the most part) in a movie...And for the record, if I didn't know how to work one, I wouldn't drive a stick for someone in New York City for anyone, forget the job. Shit, I almost wouldn't drive in New York for anyone.


Al said...


Skylers Dad said...

(spoken in my Michael Douglas voice)
"gore is good"

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Indeed.

Skyler'sD: Everything sounds much more serious in a Michael Douglas voice!