Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shit wipes off.

So I was recently "hired," if that's the right word, by a website that may pay me (hey, we'll see). Mostly it's good for exposure (ooh), and though they have several topics, you may have guessed I'd be more the type to write up films. As a projectionist, this was so easy. Well, I'm no longer a projectionist. But I thought well, I'm no different (ahem) than any other schmuck writing and promoting films, let's get some screeners going. I was actually granted access to the press site for one distributor (small things excite me); sadly, it's not the one I'm secretly waiting to write me back.

Either way, even the one whose site I can access has fairly limited goodies. That's my way of saying they don't have much on their plate right now. They certainly will in the future, though, so I'm not complaining. I contacted their online publicist, who sadly did not have an email, just a phone number. If she calls me back? I'll eat a turtle. Those are my expectations. But I've already gotten so much further than I ever expected.

I've published one article so far and I wasn't entirely reads like a seventh grader's paper. I think I was more worried about the mechanics of it all. Hopefully it will smooth itself out. (Read: Hopefully my writing will improve). Publishing on the site generates google ads (doesn't everything?), but sadly mine were completely unrelated to my article. They assure me this happens from time to time. (How do Dr. House and prime time drama relate to speech therapy and teaching? I'm sure there's a way to get there, just not in a way your average surfer is willing to navigate).

But if my posting has been slow on this site, that would be why. I think my next articles will relate to Halloween movies, the lesser knowns. Just added some to my queue, though some ready-made writing off the top of my head might include Black Christmas (Bob Clark's, how sad I have to specify), Terror Train, and some Argento (Deep Red or Tenebre). I recently added some I'd never seen that sounded promising, like The Changeling and The Ghastly Ones. Good stuff.

(And I just checked on my article; not only are the ads reflecting the subject matter, it even found an ad for the upcoming season of Reaper I referenced! Neat-O! Now to get more than two people to look at it...)


Mob said...

The Changeling is awesome.

Ellen Aim said...

I told D about this post and he said The Changeling made you afraid to go down dark hallways. Hee hee.

Blancodeviosa said...

i want to see it then. i haven't had a good scare in a good bit.

and congrats on your "job". sounds like a good deal. just don't expose yourself too much. wouldn't want d having a coronary.

Julie_Gong said...

way to go on getting published!

MacGuffin said...

House is a very didactic show dontcha know.

The Changeling scared the crap outta me as wee lad. Congrats on the gig!

Triana said...

Woo hoo!! Awesome!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Congratulations on the gig- very cool!

And I'm with Mob -- Changeling was awesome (at least it was when I was 10. Maybe not so much now.)

Veloute said...

Woo hoo! Most excellent!!

Ellen Aim said...

Blanco: Exposing is fun. And thank you! Got The Changeling today...

JGong: Arrigato!

MacG: Thanks!

House has it *all*, and a bag of chips.

Triana: It was awesome for one day and now I'm convinced I suck.

[C]: Danke!

Dude, this movie is gettin' built up. I'm kinda excited.

Vel: It's good exercise if nothing else.

How To Write Without Swearing For A Whole Topic.


Veloute said...

I put The Changling in my queue, too. It's almost October, dontcha know.

Ellen Aim said...

I think we're finally watching it tonight!