Friday, June 11, 2010

Can you not use the 'f' word in Vera Wang?

I think my annoying errands are nearly done for leaving the country. I made copies of my passports and credit cards--oh, and the copy machine decided to jam while I was doing the backs of my credit cards. The same copier I have used for a full year with no problem chose THEN to jam. At least it was at school and I'm 90% sure there's nothing left behind.

I only had to buy one book and it was super tiny. However, both classes have a ton of supplemental material we're supposed to print out. I did and wish I hadn't. Are you fucking kidding me? It's bigger than War & Peace. We'll see if it makes it. (I can access it online, though I do prefer hard copies, plus I can take those around town with me with greater ease than a laptop.) But some things--you know, clothes--may prove to be more essential.

I had a nearly 3-week vacation in Little D back home, which was over far too soon. Didn't get nearly enough of my family or Tex Mex (I could just mainline queso, for what it's worth), but the weather nearly hit the 100s just for me. I'm back in Beantown now and sittin on an enclosed patio where they serve blueberry beer and have free wifi. On the downside, it's Allston/Brighton, a somewhat dodgy area. Dude across from me just spent minutes licking his plate clean. Like, hardcore grabbing it and bringing it to his face. Every once in a whie shit like that really catches me off guard and I accidentally stare.

But you know what totally sucks? Toy Story 3 comes out four days after I leave and then doesn't come out overseas til late August. (But oooh!, The Killers will just be coming wonder everyone hates us...) Anyhoo, it's a shame because TS3 comes out the day I get my final grades and that is exactly the sort of pick-me-up I'm going to need. Well, shit. I was planning to go to Amsterdam the weekend of my birthday, but we have a three-day weekend that weekend, too, so maybe I'll switch it know, I was aiming for laughter but drugs are good, too. Just kidding. Sort of...

Trying to find accommodations is a little challenging for Amsterdam. The best area to stay in is a pretty raucous one, but it's three days and what do I care? I don't really want to do a hostel cause, dude, I'm 30, but a lot of them have private suites, so that helps. I can do dingy, tiny, loud, cheesy, whatever. I just don't want other freaking people in my room, kwim?

And it would be a flight from Denmark to Amsterdam...despite the magic of the Eurorail, unless I want to take half a day and go to Germany, too, the train just ain't doin' it. Oh well. I brought lotsa Dramamine.

I have nearly no money, but I think a weekend to Amsterdam is okay. Especially since I am betting a sidetrip to Madagascar while I'm in South Africa will be waaaay too pricey...and I ditched the idea of getting malaria pills. It was too inconvenient and I already had to bend over backwards just to get some goddamn traveler's checks. I went to my credit union and the woman was like, "Oh no, someone already came in and cleared us out, we hardly ever use them." But it turned out to be for the best--turns out they charge $1.25 per $100 (!!) and she turned me to AAA, who does it for free if you're a member. I'm not, and the fee was basically a tie (membership vs. 1% face-fucking charge) so I opted for membership cause at least I'm getting something now. Not sure what, really, aside from roadside service that I already have because we switched back to Geico...anyhoo.

The waiter just took my dish (which I did not lick, thanks) and said, "That was fast." Not sure if meant the food or the beer, but either way, it totally was not. Wtf.

The rest of this weekend is going to be spent mostly watching movies and a nice Firefly marathon. And a bottle of vodka (from Sweden, why not) that isn't going to drink itself. And yup, it's in the 60s outside. Not too bad. I guess I'd better get used to 60s...though in Sweden it will be BRIGHT ALL DAY LONG AND MOST OF THE NIGHT and then in South Africa it will be WINDY AND RAINY ALL DAY LONG. Good times.

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