Saturday, May 22, 2010

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks? Yeah.

Yesterday was very nice. Got a nice hair trim and had a yummy lunch at Stephi's. (That's the place where we had the "drunken goose" wine, mom!) One of the physical therapists, M, was giving me a hard time later though, since he thinks it's the "most pretentious place in Boston." Hardly! He mostly has a problem with their overpriced salads and on that, okay, I concur. But I'm pretty sure Sonsie might have the honor of being the MPP in Boston. And he agreed that might be the case.

But outdoor seating and people watching! Can't beat it. (I was reading a book mostly, but still.)

I'm currently watching Where the Wild Things Are, and um, it's boring the shit out of me. I may have to turn it off. Life is too short.

But anyway, I had my last PT appointment yesterday, so hopefully my neck will stay manageable. It's not back to perfect but it does feel a whole lot better than it used to. I gave A a bottle of Hendricks Gin to say thank you (it's his favorite, can you tell we're the type to get along?) so he was pretty happy.

Today my friend S is having an end-of-the-year party at her house near Davis Square. I really love that area. If I ever have to move again, I either want to live around the South End, meaning I'll live in a cardboard box and I will have great places around me to eat and drink I can't really afford often, OR I want to live in Somerville (Davis Square area especially), meaning I'd be about as far away as I am now from downtown Boston, but it's closer to Cambridge and much more charming.

Anyway, my point is she has a great house. S had a really hard end of the year because her dog died, whom she's had for 13 years, and to say that he was everything to her is something of an understatement. I pet-sat him and her cat over Thanksgiving, he was a very sweet dog. So she's had an especially rough time, particularly being alone in the house (he was a big dog). She's going to Sweden as well, so I think it will be good for her to get away. (Even though yes, we're technically taking classes!)

Whoops, which reminds me, apparently I need a letter of recommendation for the Cape Town internship, so I'd better go beg my writing professor! And turn this fucking movie off.

(BTW, Google is VERY cute today, for Pacman's 30th anniversary. It was so cute I forgot what I wanted to look up for a couple minutes. OMFG, it LETS YOU PLAY!! AWESOME!!)

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