Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't you explain to Lady about Sundays?!

So that popped into my head this morning as I lay awake at 5:30am. Look, brain, I know for a while there I was making us get up at 4:30 and 5:30 in the AM, but that was unusual and we're not doing it anymore. Mmmkay?

Jesus I would not wish the past three weeks on anyone. That was some ugly shit, yo. I wish I could at least say I lost weight but I don't think I did. The sad thing was I went to class and paid attention (well, except for that one class, *cough*, I'm sorry, contracts) and I still had to study like a crazy bitch. Torts was the worst to study for, everyone agreed, and I have no idea why.

Oh my god, I'm watching The Daily Show and they just showed a clip of Glenn Beck being reasonable. It was weird.

Anyway. But I have a very big day today. I gots a whole lotta nothin' to do! Well, that's not true. I have a hair appointment at Liquid. My friend E recommended it; he called me up after his appointment and wanted to meet up for drinks because they "plied him with gin the whole time." And his hair did look good, so that's why I'm going... ;)

They're in the South End (Boston's trendy gayborhood), so then I'm going to wander down the street to Stephi's because they have great people watching seats and they don't judge me when I day-drink. And I just bought Dan Savage's The Kid, which I remembered I wanted to read after Alex sent me this article about the musical adaptation. (Btw, I was SO CLOSE to heading to NYC this weekend to see it, but look! I refrained! I just didn't think it was smart since I'm pooooooooooooooor as all hell and even though it's off Broadway, they sure aren't priced that way!)

So big day. Yay! And I'm almost caught up on my Daily Show. But embarrassingly, as shows wrap up for the season, there are one or two shows that will wrap up next week, when I'll be in Denton, which means I'll have to admit to watching them. One in particular is shameful, and I've already admitted to watching Glee, so how much worse could it be?

That's right, people. I've been watching American Idol. My friend L is to blame, somehow she got me watching it. I only started watching when they were down to 13 or so. And it's addictive, so now I'm invested. And I genuinely liked the top 3. I was trying to root for the blonde guy, Casey, since he's from Fort Worth, but he just wasn't really bringing his A game. Plus one of the judges, Kara, kinda pointed out that his vibrato has sort of a bleeting lamb thing going on, and you know, it's true.

So he got voted off this week and now it's down to Crystal and Lee. Normally I'd go for Crystal, she seems very cool and unconventional, but you know? I've been won over by Lee; my friend L and I starting calling him "Eeyore," because he can be quite good but wow, the confidence hasn't been there. He's gotten much better about it, but I still like calling him Eeyore. He has especially won me over by singing The Boxer and Hallelujah (to be fair, Simon Cowell picked the last one for him, but he rocked it, so I'm counting it.)

So my point is that I've hit rock bottom. And I'll be in Denton for the finale, so I was going to have to admit it at some point. Glee is on that night, too, so it will just be one big goddamn shame parade.

I did catch up on some movies yesterday, though! Started with My Best Friend, starring the wonderful Daniel Auteuil. But you know? Meh. It was good and all, but once was fine. Cute, sweet, but nothing special. Then onto Inglorious Basterds, which I've been meaning to watch since, oh, February.

I really liked it! Didn't a lot of people say it was boring? Were they crazy? It was pretty toned down for a Tarantino film, too. It definitely had his fingerprints all over it and what violence there was was pretty intense, but hey, great stuff. Recommend.

Then I finally got to watch Silkwood, which was out of print on DVD when we read the case in Con Law. The funny thing is, the issue in that case that got it before the Supreme Court is pretty boring, considering how interesting the facts are. (It had to do with preemption and potential conflicting state and federal law as to the punitive damages the family got for her death...punitive damages are punishing and it was argued that that was basically trying to "regulate" the nuclear plant, etc. But long story short, the family got to keep the punitive damages of about 10 or 15 million, I forget, for negligently exposing her (and lots of their employees) to plutonium. So GOOD. Oh, and she didn't die from the exposure, but rather in a Mysterious Car Accident...that's not a spoiler, the movie was shot in 1983 so if you don't know by now it's not my fault.)

But it was a pretty good movie. I was surprised I had never seen it--it stars Meryl Streep, Cher and Kurt Russell. They are all very young and Cher looked normal, especially her nose. The ending was a little weird--it had that very late 70s/early 80s editing vibe to it. I guess it wasn't supposed to be a surprise. And you almost have to watch it just to watch Meryl rock a mullet.

And now, my dad will be pleased to know, I finally get to watch My Night at Maud's, something else I've had for far too long.

Completely unrelated to anything, maybe I'm still tired, but I thought this was kinda ballsy for American TV, I kinda giggled...

And you gotta watch this Colbert clip just for the RABBIT. It was some intern's job that day to find the weirdest/coolest looking rabbit. And they totally did.

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alex said...

Congratulations on the end of your tests!! :)

Aw, if you're reading The Kid, you'll want to listen to this ep of This American Life -- Father's Day '98. Dan Savage has a segment in that episode... VERY SWEET.

Loved "Basterds." Need to see that again.

Ellen Aim said...

Aw thanks, I can't wait to listen!

And yeah, I could own "Basterds."

Veloute said...

Yay, you're back! Can't wait to see you next...I mean THIS week!!

Damn, if you get me hooked on American Idol in addition to Project Runway (I guess that was also A and Dad, too), I will never forgive you.

Ellen Aim said...

Yay, I won't forget my ticket, yikes!

And I don't know that AI works on DVD, it's really a live thing. Although if you didn't know the winner maybe it would work?

Veloute said...

Yes, I will also try not to forget our tickets, LOL. That would suck.

I don't know the names of any AI people, so it's all good.