Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's like jazz. It's the sense they DON'T make.

So the other day, we were all contemplating the color of our contracts professor's most recent handout (they come in various shade of the rainbow for some reason). My friend M had to pass them out, and the guy behind me remarked, "So M, what shade are these?"

He paused momentarily, then said, "Smurf. Definitely Smurf."

The first guy laughed and said, "Where do Smurfs come from, anyway?"

Without missing a beat, M said, "Whenever there's a blue moon, a smurf is born."

There was a really awkward pause and I said, "That came a little too easily. Like that's the right answer."

And he laughed and explained that he just remembers from the show. I occasionally forget that he's one of the few people in my class who's actually my age. (Not that I knew where Smurfs come from, but I do know they're three apples high. Wtf.)

I said, "Please don't tell me you can quote the volume and episode number."

He said, "It's volume 4, episode 20, it's called Gargamel's Big Day."

But I think he was kidding. I think.

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