Sunday, April 18, 2010

Du Jour means seat belts. Du Jour means crash positions!

My favorite Dallas band Odis is breaking up! :(

I was already hoping to sneak home between finals and summer work, so we have yet another incentive here...(their last show is May 29th). The worst part is not knowing if I'll ever get a recorded copy of my favorite track, Hey Now, even though they recorded a new album this past February. Fingers crossed it sees the light of day...cause God knows being forced to listen via shitty youtube clips is sorta frustrating. Especially when the clips aren't that great...

Especially since they did just record their second album (not sure if it got finished, admittedly), it seems a little sudden, but I suppose that's how it goes. (Although when I was telling D one of my bands was breaking up, he was like, "Depeche Mode?" and I was like, "Dude, jesus, they should have broken up like ten years ago, but nope, they're still around." (Sort of, anyway, not that they're really the band I grew up on anymore...)

I'm impressed they lasted five years because I don't think I could stand anyone after running around in a van for days at a time, at all hours of the night, frequently on the road, etc. for anywhere close to that long. But this was the band I used to watch constantly around DFW the summer before I left for law school, so it really takes me back to that time when I hear their first (uh, only) album.

But anyway, back to studying...even though I'm still really pissed. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Boooooo. :(

Ellen Aim said...

Boo! Hiss!! :(