Saturday, April 17, 2010

Republicans know the right name can make any legislation sound as unwelcome as a turd in a punchbowl.

I have been meaning to update this in the past few days, even before I got a limerick with proper grammar asking where I was!

First of all, we were having a really great spring in Boston until the night before last. It just got COLD all of a sudden! I remember the night in particular because I actually went out and about.

I was sitting in the theatre district having a cosmo because the hospital where I get my physical therapy is next to the theater district. (This was after the appointment, thanks.) And I remembered my friend B had gone to see Cats! the night before. I know it's not cool to like Cats!, but I do, I have much nostalgia for it.

Anyway, I hadn't planned on going cause that shit's pricey, but she said she got a student rush ticket for $25. After texting her to confirm the theatre, she also said it was cash only. I never carry cash, nor do I have an ATM card. But weirdly, my husband had just given me $20 the night before (more on that later) and I had a few ones. I bought the girl next to me a drink in exchange for cash and off I went, hooray, cause I'm smart like that.

I really enjoyed the show and I have decided that I want to be Mr. Mistoffelees when I grow up. He gets to wear a full-on rhinestone-encrusted outfit and everyone claps and cheers for him the whole time. And he's just a bad-ass. So I'll work on that.

(Oh Google images, you never let me down with your weirdness. And while searching for images, I came across a picture of Evan Lysacek skating his gold medal Olympic win in which some commentator had said he looked like Mr. Mistoffelees in his Vera-Wang-snake number, so at least I'm consistent in what I like.)

Anyway, by the time the show got out, wow, I was not dressed for that. Chilly. Luckily, the theatre district is also really close to the red line train stop. Ah, Boston.

And I'm now trapped inside for a three-day weekend in which woot. It is so gross and cold outside so hopefully it doesn't drive me to the sofa and the two discs of Queer As Folk that came in the mail...

And I have words for Project Runway, but I don't think A may be caught up yet, so I'll refrain...

And lastly, as for the $20 the hubby gave me, I recently won best oral advocate in my writing class. He thought I just won against my opponent (which we don't do since it's just one argument, we don't get to rebut each other's statements), so he gave me the $20 to treat myself to something. (Which as you can see, I did!) But then he realized I actually won in my section (and all of us that do get invited to a competition next year), so he took me to Sunset Grill last night and I finally got to try their Banana Bread Beer! It was big, it was tasty...and yeah, I don't think I need to have it again!

Oh, contracts and your sweet siren song, I hear you calling...


alex said...

Congrats on winning! Dude, I don't think I knew that either, that you were best in section? I also had thought you had won against your opponent. :D Congrats!!

(Oh yes, am caught up on PR. SCANDAL. wth, man--that judgment was wrooong.)

Yay Cats!

Anonymous said...

I did NOT know that, either!! OMG, I knew you rocked, but now I bow down to your extreme rock moves.

I want to take Sophia to see Cats. That's so cool you went :D

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks all! :D

And Cats is a really fun show, great costumes.

And having just watched the PR finale...well, I am not unhappy with the results. Omg, catty reunion show, too, ha ha!