Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "No more fucking ABBA!"

I'll upload pics soon.

Get to find the university tomorrow for orientation bullshit, whee. Early.

But I'm in Sweden!! Went out with the other people in my suite tonight, who all know each other because they were in the same section last year, but I was in another section. I'm actually sort of glad in a branching-out-kinda-way, but it's also a slightly isolating feeling to be the outsider. We have mutual friends, so that helps. So does alcohol.

It does get slightly darkish here, but not til close til 11pm. And even then, it looks as if it's 8:30pm Texas time. Luckily, we have big shades. But the pillows suck. Sigh. the showers are very Japanese-esque, meaning the whole bathroom floor is really just part of the shower, there is no separation. I'll take pics. (And this is MY OWN ROOM with MY OWN SHOWER, thank you very much. Thank fuuuuuuuuuck.)

Speaking of which, I need to take one now and finish my GOD LAGER. Yes, after the mandatory grocery store stop, I managed to find the currency exchange stop AND the liquor store. (You can't buy proper alcohol--meaning even wine and beer--at a grocery store. The grocery store sells beer but only at 3.5 and 2.8%--I think 18 year olds can purchase this but not the real stuff.) So I found the liquor store and bought a beer called HELL and one called GOD LAGER. And one called Zeitgeist that had goat men all over it in purple. Ah, Sweden.

Spent too much already on dinner and drinks, but for the first night out--amongst others, no less--I guess it's okay. And I was fairly well behaved, so hooray. (Read: I did not order the tiramisu.) And it's really hard to divide everything by 7 in my head to figure out what it is in dollars. Sheesh. Trying doing that after drinking!

Also, for what it's worth, don't ever be running late at the Paris airport. Just don't. I was and my connecting flight was delayed--meaning the forces aligned and all was right with the world. But the original flight getting IN was 3 hrs late, meaning anyone going to Copenhagen or Athens was pulled from immigration and redirected to another part of the airport (and just pray you don't lose your place in the sheep herd tromping toward some unknown destination), but the Athens people had a flight that left before ours, and just initiated anarchy and unleashed the barrier ropes and starting cutting in line, much to the chagrin of everyone else.

On the plus side, flying within Europe does not appear to be "international." We all got to Copenhagen at our separate times and kinda freaked out a little that we missed immigration or customs. But whatever, I just went with it. The consensus was that no one cared enough to worry much, but one guy actually sought out officials about it, he was so worried. Just goes to show, there's always someone else who makes you feel better about your own stupid mistakes.


Anonymous said...


I want pics. Can't wait for more updates!

Ellen Aim said...

I love God Lager, hee hee. I'll get more, I threw it out....