Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ok, I'll pick you up at ten tomorrow morning and enrage you.

I'm all checked in for my flight tomorrow! It's a little over six hours to Paris, where I get in at 6:10am. I'm only there for a little under two hours, so I won't really be able to claim I've "been to Paris," but the airport is a good baby step since I'm sort of terrified of going there. The flight there is really full and it's a double decker! I've only been on one of those once--and we did have seats in the upper deck...but apparently on Air France those seats have more room and I could score one for $66 more. At 5'1", I think I'll live.

The flight from Paris to Copenhagen on the other hand? I think it's the size of those toys that go between Boston and Vermont, but even those flights had some people on them. If the screen really tells the story, myself and one other person are flying to Demark tomorrow AM. Holy shit. I thought about changing my seat to be in the middle seat right next to them, just to be super creepy. But mostly I'm worried they'll do what American would do and just cancel the flight and put us on a later flight. We shall see.

And I've only ever experienced Terminal B at Logan I get to sample the offerings of Terminal E, which looks devastatingly pathetic. I am fairly certain nothing beyond security sells alcohol. Are you shitting me? It's a tiny terminal with only 8 gates, but they all seem to be international. If anyone is in need of a stiff one, don't you think it's those of us in that terminal?! Anyhoo, I learned this all from Logan's website. I hopped over to the Copenhagen airport to see where I'd be landing, etc. It was really hard to tell which airlines were where--rather than being practical, I found--far more easily--this link.

Architecture? A link for it? All I could think of was Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction telling the cab lady, "We're Americans, honey, our names don't mean shit." I mean sure, some of our airports are nicer than others, but how often was an airport built here with aesthetics in mind rather than the lowest bidder? Hahahahhaha...

I'm mostly packed, too, which is scary. I have so few outfits for 2 months. I am probably going to want to burn my clothes when I get back.

I still have to watch Let the Right One In tomorrow morning, you know, homework. ;) But I did get to show D Tootsie today, which he had never seen. It's still incredibly funny and cute, but I see it with just the right amount of regularity that I never doubted it for a second.

Also saw the new Lewis Black special--Stark Raving Black. Not as good as some of his older ones, but still enjoyable. Also, I would try to catch it after midnight on Comedy Central for blip-free goodness...less swearing than usual, but what there is is awfully emphatic, as always!


alex said...

All I could think of was Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction telling the cab lady, "We're Americans, honey, our names don't mean shit."

LOL! Enjoy the culture. :D

Ellen Aim said...

Hee hee, I'll try not to gawk! ;)