Tuesday, June 22, 2010

But never in all the time that I had this dream did the knight say to me, "Come on, baby, I'll put you up in a great condo."

I really love my little apt, it's all I need and it's just so cute. But today I had to get S and head outside to study...the sunspots and dreariness of my homework were beckoning too hard for a nap.

I read most of the homework but I need to get up extra early to take better notes. We only have 14 class days and one class is a little more intense than the other. We have these same classes every day, so it can be a lot of reading and digestion. Yikes. (There are 5 or 6 classes, not everyone has the same 2 classes.)

I also really like my flatmates, I think I lucked out completely.

This weekend is officially AMSTERDAM!! I leave Thursday night and get in around 9pm. I am staying a 12 min train ride outside the city center--I will post pics of my hotel soon, it looks like a dollhouse on acid. It was reasonably priced. I am going by myself but wouldn't be surprised if someone else is heading out as well--everyone's using this weekend to their advantage. I chose Amsterdam, in addition to being cheapest, because it's the height of tourist time and that place especially will be crawling with foreigners...I have no doubt that despite its', you know, reputation (gasp! drugs!) it is probably the one of the safest places I could go.

A lot of people are going to Prague, but they seemed like less-seasoned travelers and honey, whatever you think your package deal is, they are charging you *per person*, I assure you, and I didn't want to be on the short end of that stick. Plus, Prague is hella pricey. (Not that they're givin' it away in Amsterdam.) I also checked Hamburg just for fun, Alex, and whoa. Most of "real" Europe is way too pricey. :( (We'll book in advance, you and me, next time! Swedish is apparently a lot like German, so I am just about an expert in both. Ha.)

I also seriously looked into Bruges...I thought that would be the all-time best whimsical place to go. However, the times of flights were off (you fly to Brussels and the train takes you to Bruges, about an hour out), and it would just not be a good use of my time. Dammit, that would have been a great story. I needed something easy to make sure I got back in time for classes!

So I'm in classes all week (well, til Thursday) but I am studying my ass off and getting ready for a couple presentations next week, joy joy. We also have a midsummer party tomorrow prepared for us by the Swedish students. Yesterday we had a welcome party. They are consistently feeding us wine by 4pm--I'm supposed to study *when*?!

Working on it! Whatever, back to catching up on my Stewart and Colbert from last night, I'm keepin' in touch in essential ways, oh yes, bless this laptop!


Corinthian said...

You're going to have such a good time this weekend! I am soooo jealous! You'll have to scope the place out for when you take me up there for a vacation!

Ellen Aim said...

Oh hell yes. I bet amsterdam is like japan--I'm gonna wanna go back every year! ;)

Veloute said...

I'd like to Hamburg, too, plzthxbai ;)

Have a fabulous time :)

Veloute said...

To GO to Hamburg. Obviously to be the embarrassing oldest sister.