Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm sorry for that Knots Landing moment.

You know, I haven't watched South Park in ages, but I've got it on while I'm catching up on writing my articles. And this episode mocking the Jonas Brothers and purity rings is totally fabulous. Complete with Mickey Mouse beating up the brothers while swearing up a storm and forcing them to keep wearing the rings. Nice. I barely know who they are, but I'm still relishing it.

I have to admit I watched a film the other's a little embarrassing. And then explaining why I watched it makes it even worse.

Okay, fine, I watched I Love You, Man.

The reviews seemed positive for what it is, and finding a genuinely funny stupid movie is nearly as difficult as finding a genuinely scary horror movie. And I went out on that limb to go watch it because I had just rented and watched Role Models. Throw in Paul Rudd on The Daily Show this past week, and well, there I was at the theatre.

For the record, Role Models is shockingly funny. (Mom, do not watch it. You might disown me.) I'm just saying, after a really tedious day, and maybe at least one beer, I laughed. The two guys make a great pair--Paul Rudd is always wonderfully dry and deadpan, and Seann William Scott is obnoxious without being loathsome. It was painfully paint-by-numbers on the plot front, but who the hell is expecting a surprisingly original plot? Anyway, if anyone's looking for a little stupid, I absolutely recommend Role Models. (Oh sigh, I really just said that out loud. Truly I am without shame.)

But this new stupid movie? Meh. Totally mediocre. And I enjoyed Jason Segel in Freaks & Geeks, I really did. I wasn't wild about him here, and he wasn't a good counter to Paul Rudd--they were a little too similar for any great comedic effect. I chuckled once or twice, but ultimately I still liked it just because I really enjoyed the point it was trying to make. It wears thin on the jokes and the pace kinda plods, but at least it kinda had something refreshing to say. Total rental, fwiw.

Don't worry. When we go out, you can act like you don't know me.

Also, I am not addicted to crack. Cause I know what you're thinking: what the FUCK? You watched I Love You, Man, when there was a BRAND NEW Clive Owen movie? With a little guilty Julia Roberts fun to round it out? Are you feeling okay?! I really do want to see Duplicity, and I would defend my choice by saying I felt it looked recycled (that trailer, Jesus, LOVE ME, I AM EDGY LIKE OCEAN'S ELEVEN BUT EVEN HIPPER AND TWISTIER WITH A CREAMY CHOCOLATE CENTER), but that's hardly a valid defense in this case. I admit it, I just like to keep even myself guessing.

To kick it up a notch, I came home and made butterscotch crunch ice cream. It tasted a lot like my favorite Ben & Jerry's heath crunch made my weekend, no doubt. I'm just wild like that, get used to it.


Veloute said...

Um. Recipe?

Ellen Aim said...

Fine Cooking No. 26. "Five Luscious Butterscotch Desserts."

Or I can scan and send it to ya!

Veloute said...

Ah, nope, I've got that! :D

Ellen Aim said...

Word, good. It is ROCKIN'.