Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm alive! I recently got to watch the cutest damn movie, and I was expecting it to be mediocre--Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.

I was watching it on my laptop at the Flying Saucer, since their wifi was out that day. I had my headphones on and I giggled out loud more than once; also, one line caught me off guard and I nearly snorted into my beer. So when the battery died about fifteen minutes before it was over, I just stopped off on the way home and bought it. Absolutely worth the $14 and luckily, the ending didn't stink. (Wouldn't that have been a bitch.)

All the actors were great, but I also found Kat Dennings pretty damn cute. (Uh, her imdb pics kinda SUCK, though, yikes.) And Michael Cera is the only actor I know who can mumble and get away with it. Also, having linked to his imdb page, I see that he was born in 1988. That is really wrong. That poor bastard can finally buy a drink later this year, he's that young.

Anyhoo, it had a couple weak moments ("clean up the girl"??), but they were few and far between and it more than made up for it. A+, it's not even a guilty pleasure, I freely recommend for cuteness and laughs.

Also, I have to recommend an album I bought. My dad sent me a video, To the Ghosts Who Write History Books, by The Low Anthem. I previewed a few other songs and bought the album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. It's a really great album! I think my favorite track is To Ohio (listen!). Also, they have quite a different sound in some of the songs, it's pretty varied! (Hey, Vel, they're playing in Montpelier at the Langdon Street Cafe on April 13th! Argh!)

Nothing really new to report, otherwise. For randomness, I came home one day to find the computer room door closed and a song playing loudly on the other side. It was this song...

(Ooh, look at youtube gettin' all fancy, lettin' you pick borders 'n stuff!) I thought red was appropriate. Though in retrospect, I don't like it. Distracting.

Anyhoo, inside were a ton of red balloons. It seemed like 99, but apparently it was more like 150. D had done it just for randomness and fun. (We were just going to leave them indefinitely, but I did a lot of spring cleaning this past weekend and had to do away with most of them...20 or so oddly remain in the corner of the room.) I should have taken a picture, but I never did!

Speaking of taking pictures, I need to upload pics of the beef beast I bought over the weekend. I got a whole beef brisket from Central Market for a recipe in the new Fine Cooking. It advised to buy flat brisket or the point half, because "that's all you'll find unless you live in Texas barbecue country." GUESS WHERE I LIVE! So I got a whole one, found in the sidecase by the meat counter--11 pounds of GIANT, BLOODY MEAT. You've got to see the pics, this thing had me torn between lust and repulsion.

I suppose there are worse things that could inspire such a reaction, so luckily in this case it was just dinner.

Hmm, I think that's a good place to stop.


Veloute said...

Woot! Let's hear it for giant, bloody meat!

Damn, you should have gotten a pic of those balloons! Very cool :)

Wow. Maybe I can actually go hear them? OMG. In *Montpelier*? That's just bizarre. We don't leave to visit TX until the week after.

Putting movie in queue.

Ellen Aim said...

I know, I love giant bloody meat, too!

I think D got one on his phone, I'll have to get him to send it to me!