Tuesday, March 03, 2009

During the conversation, an awkward moment occurred.

I know, I suck for letting more than a week go by. I have no idea what the hell I was doing with my time, either.

I finally caught up on movies and TV this weekend. Watched an ungodly amount of 24, so now I can pick up with the new eps Tivo saved for me.

Sunday was mostly movies...I finally watched Frozen River.

Melissa Leo was up for an Oscar. Um. Great performance but I really cannot recall the last movie I saw that was quite this depressing. To be fair, I haven't watched The Changeling yet, so we'll see what it brings.

Also watched The Visitor, whose Richard Jenkins was also up for an Academy Award. Now while it may not have been wholly upbeat, it was still really great. Great music (which was a large part of the plot), great story, I absolutely recommend that one.

It really got me thinking, actually, about movies where music not only features prominently in the film but is almost as amazing as the story itself. No biopics or musicals, but things like The Commitments, Once, Bandits (German), etc. Does anyone have any favorites?

I also polished off the last half of The Starter Wife--it was a miniseries but now it's a regular series, I think?--which was decent. It has some really awkward writing but also some really great lines. It was interesting enough and I was more than happy to watch.

On the other hand, we had Ghost Town. Everyone said it was tripe but that Ricky Gervais transcended the material and made it worth watching. Now you know I love me some Ricky Gervais; infact, he was just on The Daily Show and that was great. But the movie was tedious at best. Thank god I was working on some scans and was distracted--and I still found it awful. PASS.

Very little else to mention. I have some great stuff I've been reading that I'll have to get to later...I also need to polish off Watchmen since it comes out in just a couple of days!

Oh, PAUSE, wait, she still has it! I'm in the corner at the Flying Saucer cause they have an outlet over here it only took me eight years to find, and this dude comes over and asks, "Do you come here often to work on writing with a skirt and pumps?" gesturing to my computer. The way he asked it lead me to believe he was trying to pin me down, like he thought he knew me, but it became apparent he was just making awkward conversation.

Even weirder, he looked WAY too much like my brother-in-law. So wrong. And one side of my nose is stuffed all to hell, my hair is raked back in a greasy ponytail and I could not look any less inviting. I was as polite as humanly possible while he puttered on about weird things coming out of his mouth and how cute I was from the waist up (but then the skirt and pumps apparently made it more...you know, I kinda tuned out, this man really was one of the more awkward ones I've ever run across), but I really just wanted him to go away and he finally did.

On the one hand, I get irritated and think how this never happened when I was single, but on the other, even if I was single, none of these people have ever made me want to sit down and have an actual drink with them.


Veloute said...

Damn, girl, you got it going ON.



Ellen Aim said...

No, he was not worthy.

He was infact, bordering on scary. Like one of those guys who would get turned down and then turn around and be all, "Man, what a fuckin' bitch, right?"