Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a corporate attorney, what you need is a good divorce lawyer...or a good pharmacist.

I swear I'm still alive. And I have plenty to write about, I'm just falling behind on the job!

In the meantime, enjoy this 80s awesomeness of Golden Earring's Twilight Zone. I see absolutely no reason why they can't make videos like this anymore. Hell, do they really still MAKE music videos? And does anyone seriously show them anymore?


alex said...

ha! omg. Now that's a video. Yeah, I wish there were a channel like the old MTV. But maybe that need will be met online (or it already has been and I don't know about it).

But they def still make music videos-- I was just totally loving Royksopp's new video the other day: "Happy Up Here" (

Ellen Aim said...

Well, there's always youtube for these gems, but it's not the same as just having a TV channel with constant videos...there was something great about them showing something you *wanted* them to show...possibly because they rarely ever did in my case.

And that is a great video!

alex said...

Oh man, I know (re: them rarely showing what you wanted).

I love the space invaders! And explosions!