Sunday, June 03, 2007

You've always been crazy, this is just the first chance you've had to express yourself.

Veloute tagged me. The rules of this meme are supposed to be that you list the rules, then eight facts/habits about yourself. Then, at the end, you tag eight people to do it. I don't know eight people to tag.

[Upon re-reading that, I seem to have opted for "facts" rather than "habits." Eh, whatever.]

8 Facts About Me:

1.) I really want to take voice lessons again. I took them briefly in Austin before moving to Japan. I thought my teacher was a good teacher at the time but found out later she was a bad teacher. She kept trying to make me use a higher range rather than my natural range. I thought it seemed fishy at the time...anyhoo, I would love to take voice lessons again. Singing in front of people terrifies me but that's probably because I CAN'T DO IT.

2.) One time at university I asked out my astronomy TA and he seemed really keen. We were going to see The Fifth Element. When I went to pick him up he told me his girlfriend had found out and didn't want him to go. (!!) Yes, no idea about the girlfriend, but it gets better. He said his cousin was over and if I wanted to take him instead, well, he wanted to go. I left. (Alone). And I went and watched Romy & Michele's High School Reunion all by myself and was quietly mortified all by myself.

3.) I got my last job as a projectionist because I knew how to run Century Projectors and when the general manager asked the tech director about me (as he'd met me briefly before at an event), said, "Yeah, she's cute, hire her." Glad I got that degree.

4.) I can't see one image through binoculars due to my strabismus which never really corrected itself. I have to shut one eye. Also, I have new glasses for the first time in five years. The shape of the eye piece is much thinner--before it was oval-shaped--and it's currently weirding me out.

5.) I drive a green Jetta named Hans. I bought him because I liked his purple lights inside. And his makers have a decent reputation. I don't think I'd buy VW again, though. Pricey little bastards to fix.

6.) Two years ago I had my drink spiked at a public bar after working an event for the USA Film Festival. It was the night I met Denise Crosby and that was also the last thing I really remember. I came to in front of my theater (tucked away from view, trying to get inside to retrieve my bag). I had to call my friend J to come get me; he's the same person who said to hire me because I was cute. I promptly vomited in front of him and he took me home to D (J had keys to get inside the theatre, which is why I called him, plus he lived five minutes away). Easily the worst/scariest thing to ever happen to me.

7.) I've won things off the radio three times: Sarah McLachlan tickets (had to forego due to being in a play), Harry Potter #4 pre-screening tickets, and dinner at an expensive restaurant. I won the first two while working at my retail job (different locations and years apart), the third while stuck in traffic.

8.) In fourth grade I got a 32 on a math quiz and it was the worst grade I'd ever gotten IN MY LIFE!! so I went into the girls' loo and ripped it into tiny pieces and flushed it down the toilet so my parents would never find out. (Because they would beat me? WTF?)

Ok, I tag Mob and Al. I was going to tag Julie Gong because 3 is my second-luckiest number, but then I recalled she already did almost the same damn meme. It was the French fries I recalled...


Mob said...

Will do, probably tomorrow night.

I may hafta go for facts as well, my 'habits' are much too disgusting to disciss in a public forum.

Ellen Aim said...

I totally have to do that "hit songs from age 18" but damn it'll be hard. I was never one for popular music. I perused the list already and boy is it slim pickins.

I shudder to think what "habits" I really have worth writing about. Nothing that doesn't reek of "OCD," probably...

Veloute said...

Great list! I had no idea you had your drink spiked O_O How scary!

Actually, I think that whole list is (mostly) new to me! Wow.

Skylers Dad said...

That's a great meme, really scary about the spiked drink! There are way too many sick people lurking out there.

Thanks for dropping over to my blog.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: I was actually trying not to bore my more regular readers (i.e., my family), so thought I'd try to hit some new ones.

And yeah, I think I only told Sobo about the drink a year ago...probably Alex about that time, I was not a pleasant experience!

SkyD: There really are. I'm just lucky I didn't get followed out. and thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your blog.

Al said...

Keep hearing Danny the Dealer from Withnail & I ... "I spike you, you know you've been spoken to.."

Bad shit on number 6. Rohypnol is the stuff of choice from the cases I read at work.

And *shakes fist* you and Mob-ble, its all meme meme meme...


Ellen Aim said...

I just can't imagine being so hard up you really need to drug a total stranger.

Hey, this one's easy, I still have hit-song thing from the age of 18 to figure out. I don't recognize most of the shit on there! I guess that might be a good thing, however...

Al said...

I recognised hardly any of it either.

Hence the load of youtube clips of music I did (and still) love.

Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice rock my world.

MacGuffin said...

That's horrible.. perhaps if you're that hard up, you should take one for the team and off yourself.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: oh my.

MacG: No shit. Seems like an awful lot of work for people like that. But then I guess that's part of it?