Saturday, June 02, 2007

Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Another fairly good idea of myself and my husband, as a married couple:

First of all, we just haven't had to turn on the AC this year. It has been shockingly pleasant. (JUNE 1, I TELL YOU!! TEXAS!!) Well, this week has been far more humid and a much stronger test. But we have a bitchin' floor fan (thanks, mom and dad!) and that makes sleeptime possible.

So last night I was trying to relax and read Potter #5 and the fan was trying to lull me to sleep. My shoulder was aching, probably from the pain of going back to work after three days off. My job is not physical in the slightest; my rage was just manifesting itself in my shoulder. So my wonderful husband rubbed my shoulder for me and in a funny moment decided to write words on my back. We did an animal, a country, and then there was a long pause where we each tried to think of a good category that wouldn't be too easy.

"Diseases!" I said.


"Uh, I was going to say 'cartoon characters,'" my husband said.

And that's us, folks.

And just to really go over the edge, my dad sent me this and I just about died laughing. Each one more spectacular than the next. Who says men's fashion is dull?


Mob said...

LOVED the fashion link...

Jesus Christ, the mosquito netting and high waters combo was killing me. This also got me to thinking, if I were a handsome man, and had a great body, and could pass for a model (I know, bear with me here) and some jackass wanted to doll me up in one of those asinine getups, I'd probably have to go back to my job working at the deli making sandwiches or wherever they discovered me.

Because as a very average individual, I care more than a little about how I look when I leave the house, I can't imagine what my ego would be like if I were actually pretty.

MacGuffin said...

WTF!? Thom Browne is a menace to men's fashion. The fact he has any mainstream influence at all is both frightening and baffling to me. Maybe he thinks with the current global warming trends, we'll be inundated with mosquitoes and ankle deep water but at the same time have a constant, inexplicable urge to play cricket. He's a visionary!

Disease vs cartoons? Ha, that is amusing.

Al said...

I've been wearing clothes like that for years. Guess I'm ahead of my time.

I'm also a lying pisstaking bastard, but that's beside the point.

The one with the tight shorts and long socks looks like he is about to set off on an AC/DC tour.


Veloute said...

Oh, diseases---good one!

Those men's outfits. I laughed.

Oh, and you've been tagged.

CinemaslaveJoe said...




God, I want them all.


Ellen Aim said...

Mob: I know models are supposed to look bored but yeah, I can't help but read a very vivid "bitter" look from this gentleman here.

Mac: It is a genuine mystery. I'm always baffled that things this hideous ever get past the "idea" stage.

Al: I always imagined you wore such things!

Vel: Sweet! Time for an easy post! And I didn't know that about the boob job desire!

CSJ: It is kinda hard to pick a favorite, isn't it?