Thursday, June 14, 2007

Du Jour means crash positions!

Because nothing is ever simple.

So yesterday the "check engine" light came on. *blows out brains*

Took it back to Goodyear where they apologized profusely and could find zilch wrong, reset the light and sent me on my way. I head out to Addison for its inspection and wash. I stop for coffee and then lunch and by then the light has come back on. Oh, will I ever learn.

They tell me they cannot pass it due to it registering as an actual error, being human enough to abort the test rather than rape me for the inspection fee. I call VW who says they'd have to do their own diagnostic (read: $90 to start with), before they even start to fix it. I call the nice man at the inspection place, who told me to find out what the error was and he could find me a nice cheap [shady] place to fix it. So I called him (basically it looks to be an emissions problem) and he said to call him tomorrow around 1pm. This is the closest I may ever come to a shady drug deal.

If I get this shit fixed for under $200, that man's got a six pack with his name on it.

I did ask if one might drive down to Austin with said impediment and he basically said, "Aw, fuck yeah, go for it." I think I'm polluting the shit out of the air but that it's no real [immediate] danger to me or my car. Score.

And I think I forgot to mention the popcorn joint I found. I went to pick up wine from my new little wine store I'm so in love with and a nearby store REEKED of freshly popped popcorn. Well clearly I had to go in, right? The walls were lined with tins and nothing else. And I got that feeling, you know, when you walk into a store and really wish you hadn't but you can't walk right back out again because how shitty would that look? So before I weakly tried to leave, the guy gave me a price and flavor list. That was a wise move.

I am now headed back to pick up a 3-way of "Vanilla," "Spicy Texas BBQ," (in honor of Drew's first visit to TX) and "Honey." They had spicier shit, I was tempted by "Loaded Baked Potato."

And then I've got to come home and knock out some Dr. Who. Right now D is out birthday shopping (for me) with his mother. (The mother is doing the shopping, D is more than done!) They are in Central Market right now, picking up my fat-loaded pork butt for Monday night's bbq (which has Drew salivating...he says he's more than anything looking forward to kicking back at the house with margaritas, watching movies and doing jack shit. This may be why Drew and I are such good friends). Apparently it's the first time D's mom has ever been in Central Market. I hope I've started something.

[Editor's Note: Now that I have the popcorn tin in hand...jesus. 1 gallon does not mean what I think it means. I could give birth to something bigger.]


MacGuffin said...

Y'know, half the time, reading your blog is bad for my diet. I always end up craving junk food of sort and margaritas.

Ellen Aim said...


But then again, what can one expect from "wine when drunk from a mug"? Health and morals are clearly not advertised here.

Besides, I want to drag you all down with me.

MacGuffin said...

lol, I understand the feeling my fellow curmudgeon.

Skylers Dad said...

Hey, try this out! I had a car once that wouldn't pass inspection until I ran a tank of the premium stuff through it with a couple of bottles of that STP gas conditioner stuff.

Try it, it's a pretty cheap way to beat the emissions inspection.

Ellen Aim said...

MacG: lol! And now that I know the weakness I can deliberately prey on it... ;P

SkyD: Hey, thanks. I'm definitely going to try that. I don't know if it'll make the 'check engine' light go off, mefears it has to do with the vacuum lines, but I'm sure as hell ready to try anything!