Thursday, February 23, 2012

Staring into the Brown & Williamson building--it's dark except the 10th floor. That's the legal department. That's where they fuck with my life.

I fucking hate bitchy little ADAs. Fuck all of them. Yes, we get to "waltz in and out" of court, but our case work is far more intensive. You just have to stand up there and read a fuckin' police report (which I assure you is so scintillating for everyone) and then read someone else's recommendation, argue some law REALLY BADLY (by which I mean WRONGLY), and then be a grade-A douchebag and make me wait indefinitely because it makes you feel like a superior fuck. GOOD! JOB!


Driving to Rhode Island tomorrow for a job interview (the job would not be in RI) and then I am being "kidnapped" for the weekend to Vermont by Friend S & Friend L for a skiing thing. I am so very glad for those ladies. ;) I will be inside drinking, not thinking about my case, watching Oscar flicks with L, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe reading a non-law book?? Dare I say that out loud??

Also time to get on the bar review ball. :((((

And Oscars on Sunday night!! :D

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