Thursday, December 01, 2011

You know what we should watch? An American Tail. It's about a little Jewish mouse, with a great big heart...

To try and get in the xmas mood! I have not had the time to make cookies as I have in years past, and Thanksgiving was just sort of lonely and depressing. But anyway!

Yay, I got all those motions and stuff done. It wasn't really a time crunch at all, either. So WHEW.

Completely unrelated to anything, I would just like to say that I love that the only things on my grocery list are "Fancy Feast" and "whiskey" and it looks like a crazy person wrote it.

Classes officially ended for me yesterday, tomorrow they do for the rest of the school in general. It doesn't feel like much, though, since my writing class ended two weeks ago and I still have a client meeting tomorrow (NINE AM?) followed by two court dates in the next 10 days. :/ One of those is a duty date in which I get to pick up a NEW client. Because life isn't busy enough already. :D

Looking forward to a couple things, however, along the little path to the 14th when I fly HOME! Tomorrow night I am really going to try to see some Muppets, Sat night I get to see L--whom I have not seen in...yup, seriously can't recall. Tuesday night is finally Tori Amos night (next door to school, FTW). Then the following Friday we're having a holiday lunch with my clinic, which should be fun. Especially if court that morning goes well (for someone else, not me, WHEW). But I really like the other people in my little "law firm," they are really neat people.

VERY much looking forward to Little D, however, and all the perfect people who will be there! (The popcorn tins, wine, chocolate honeycomb, lobster tails and overabundance of delicious food in general certainly never hurt anything, either.) I just hope I can put a big enough dent in my competition brief, human rights research and suppression motion to be able to enjoy it as much as possible!

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