Sunday, December 11, 2011

What about my holiday wish that we not be forced to attend meetings that degrade our sense of adulthood?

So the Tori Amos show was a lot of fun!

In all honesty, I didn't recognize most of the songs (although I did finally flesh out my Tori discography not terribly long ago). The set list often varies quite a lot from city to city in her case, so it kinda sucked to look at other cities' lists afterwards and think, "Dammit, I should have seen the Joburg show!" But it was still a very good show.

I also caught up on some TV over the past week. I don't know that it's great or anything, but I have been enjoying American Horror Story. Glad to see Connie Britton working steadily. Also, The Walking Dead has turned in a pretty solid season so far (after bumbling around for 1-2 episodes) and PanAm got much, much better after a fairly awful 3-4 episode foot-finding gap and they finally figured out what to do with Christina Ricci's character. I know the French stewardess is the fan favorite, but I quite enjoy Kate.

I'm also fairly certain throwing Goran Visnjic in for a couple episodes never hurt anybody's ratings.

2 Broke Girls is something I cannot admit to watching--it has a laugh track for God's sake (which is ok if you're a pre-1993 sitcom and therefore grandfathered in due to nostalgia)--but it also has Kat Dennings.

It's actually not too bad for a sitcom, but that laugh track. MAKE IT STOP.

There is another show I really won't admit to watching but the worst part is that it only has two weeks left so I have to watch it in Texas since I fly home Wednesday. So everyone will find out anyway. Oh well. Who was concerned about dignity, not I. Plus the show keeps pissing me off because the judges are mostly all worthless and the wrong people have been eliminated for the past two weeks, grrrrr.

Ok, I am clearly procrastinating instead of working on my stupid philosophy chapter that I am really ready to burn rather than begin YET ANOTHER re-write. SIGH. WAIT! I should pick out DVDs to take to Denton! Or make hard nog! Or continue binge-reading The Bloggess. ANYTHING.


Kendra said...

OMG, I'm so hooked on the Bloggess it's not even funny. I think that's all I did at work the other day.

Ellen Aim said...

Haha, same here. I was nearly crying at the airport the other day reading the one with her busted middle finger...