Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What, do you think there's a lot of work down on the pier for hookers? Do you think I'm giving blow jobs down there to goldfish?

So guess who's ethical!! :D I was just sitting in the clinic earlier trying to fax off forms to a couple halfway houses to get my client's former treatment records and there it was...that ominous email that reads, "MPRE score report is ready." And you just have to click on it, regardless of where you are. I am very happy with my score and it makes me feel slightly better about my inability to take multiple choice tests and my odds on the bar.

Also, so far it sounds as if all my friends passed as well, fingers crossed.

I had a good day in court yesterday as well, mostly because my director decided we don't need any more cases right now. I had been throwing up earlier that morning since 5am but somehow dragged my ass into court (everything is better now, it was just...related to a particular chromosome, shall we say) and considering I have a suppression motion and trial to prep, I did not even pretend to flinch or hesitate when he asked me, "Do you care if you don't get a new case today?"

I still have a shit-ton to do in my international law work but tonight at least...tonight I am going to walk next door to see TORI AMOS. I would not even be going if my friend hadn't thought to ask me way back when, when they went on sale. So hooray!

Now if only it would snow when I was heading over like it did last year during Weezer (same place, one week later, though). I know, picky, picky princess.

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