Wednesday, December 07, 2011

These were Italian!

So I've been busting my ass on this chapter for my professor's international-law-with-an-interdisciplinary-approach undergraduate book. ALL SEMESTER. It sucked because initially she was all, here, do this in two weeks with these materials. So I did. And then she was all, oh no, this is going to need more to it. (Duh, you gave me two weeks, the fuck were you thinking? IT INVOLVES COMPLEX PHILOSOPHY.)

So then I worked on it some more. For two weeks. And she was all, no, let's re-do the outline of this chapter and reorganize it. Three more weeks.

So today I get an email from her and she's all, hey, this is moving in the right direction but I really want to spend more time on it before we move onto the other section. Can I send you a marked up version to go over before our last meeting (i.e., the day before I fly out)?

I would just like to say that I very nearly wrote her back, "Hi, Professor [redacted]. That sounds good to me. Bring it on." Because seriously, I have just resolved myself to the idea that that chapter is never going to die. But I am less stressed than many past semesters, so I went delete, delete, delete, then wrote (instead of the last sentence) something like, "I can make time to look over..." etc.

But it was fairly tempting and she may have even found it humorous.

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