Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kale was not a good idea.

I totally forgot to gush and swoon about one of the best things to happen this week.

Well, more accurately, perhaps the next photo will explain. (Though an avid fan, hmmmm, I guess I missed the unedited menage-a-trois shower scene, perhaps it will be in the extras...?)

It's understandable I forgot, I mean, I haven't even mentioned the yumminess of Vermont (the FOOD, the adorable NIECES.....the coolest fireplace EVER that actually warms the's always so nice there, as Veloute & Douglas have the nicest house in such a gorgeous locale and two of the neatest daughters ever. Fiona is scary smart, as our dad puts it (seriously, I'm pretty sure most of the conversations we had were way above that of a normal five year old, including the "You're mocking me!" accusation) and Sophia has this power of pure cuteness like I've never seen. I would have given her anything, so here's hoping she remains ignorant of her powers as long as humanly possible.

Nor did I mention the good times of Austin, hitting the usual haunts in a quickie couple-day anniversary get-away (one year, woo hoo!), County Line, Scholz Garten, Spider House...just very low key and not too expensive this time...we even opted for a cheap motel instead of the usual Austin Motel. BIG MISTAKE. You know that roach story in Creepshow? It only became apparent to me how bad it was while we were stalling to leave on the last day, Halloween, watching this E! show about the "real story" behind The Exorcist (I was totally not watching some Angelina Jolie expose before that), when one you-know-what appeared in my empty truffle paper on the table next to me (I heard the paper r u s t l e) and D saw two more behind the fridge. And one ran across the alarm clock, maybe it was the same one from the paper, but who the fuck was going to stop and check?

So fuck the "real story" behind The Exorcist, I was out of there.

But it was so nice to have the vacation break.

And long story short, I am totally stoked to see the WHOLE ENTIRE SET OF TWIN PEAKS OUT!!! And fuck yes it has the actual pilot that aired, not that shitty-ass "European version" that was overly long and gave away everything.

All my years and years of waiting, salivating, whining and is here! And I never did purchase the prior releases, as they were incomplete and my VHS set was good enough for the time being. I probably waited less time before having sex than before hastily purchasing this (incomplete) series on DVD. Priorities, man.

Just kidding, mom and dad.

But seriously, I usually buy these DVDs and then get screwed over by the better edition that comes out a month later. Not this time, my precious.

Which doesn't mean I can afford it at the moment. But things at work are looking up, so I'm thinking January, after the raise sinks in....

And perhaps most importantly, do not be fooled by the fun-times snowman or the notion of a cool-sounding seasonal beer.

Vanilla was not a good idea.


Hot Lemon said...

I must be the only person who's never seen T.P. Another way in which I've faild.

But as for the Bourbon Cask Ale, I LIKE that shit!!

Then again, I'm from the Midwest-- I wouldn't know good food if it crawled off the plate and kicked me in the nuts.

Veloute said...


And we miss you two :(

Ellen Aim said...

Hot Lem: But I so envy you in that you get to see it for the first time. It is a thing to behold. It may start to slip in the second season but I cannot see its flaws.

That Cask Ale shit is NASTY. I tried real hard. We have one left and no one will drink it.

Vel: Got pics back today! About to check them out....