Saturday, November 10, 2007

Aww, I wish I were an ant. Awww, they're so shiny.


Enjoy some random pictures. Bless Cinema Mark and my completely legal Photoshop CS2. Curse Arlington Camera for insisting that it's COMPLETELY NORMAL for them to send both our slide *AND* C41 film to uber-expensive BWC to process and burn a CD. They actually asked D, "Did you REQUEST we do it here?" Are you serious? I BROUGHT IT HERE. BWC is a specialty lab that does true B&W and slide processing that Arlington Camera cannot do. C41 film and burning CDs is something ANY lab can do, so instead of admiting their mistake (which the woman who initially rang him up sort of did) and providing good customer service, they acted like you had to specify you did NOT want the exorbitantly priced option. They did price it down a little, but it ended up still being on the outrageous side.

I could have purchased sex for less.

And having worked across town at another pro-lab, I assure you the shit the manager fed my husband is a CROCK. I just won't be frequenting or recommending them anymore.

So enjoy these pictures, in no order either logical or chronological. They range from our Daily Show trip (Jon made me promise not to post the tequila pics, sorry) to Drew's June visit here, to visiting Veloute in Vermont, to the hot new tile that's goin' down in the main bathroom.

I think this was apple pie. I was trying. It ended up being a HEAPING PIE. But much to the chagrin of my husband and oldest sister, I am just not a fan of apple pie. It looks and smells faboo, but just not my thang.

Drew's last day here in June, not long before taking him to the airport. It was Margarita Wednesday at El Arroyo, so away we went.

They're like, $2. No really. That thing is TWO DOLLARS. Yum.

D paid a quarter for this doll at the grocery store because she has a chunk taken out of her face and it made him laugh that they were trying to sell it. On one of my days off, the gummi bears wanted to divide and conquer.

We really like going to Battery Park when we go to NYC, apparently. It's just a really nice place to smell the ocean and relax. Also, I took WAY too many pictures of the seagulls I was feeding. That seems to be something you don't ever learn to stop doing.

Fiona, D, and Sophia. SO CUTE.

Vel: "Do you remember D?"

Fiona: "No."


Fiona (to D): Your hair is different.

Veloute models the very delicious apple cider from Cold Hollow Cider Mill. I may not be much of an apple pie girl but this cider was amazing.

Vel and D posing. Hee hee.

I was envious of the adoration Sophia heaped upon D.

The day we left, getting ready for Halloween festivities at the Shelburne Museum in Burlington. This made me giggle.

And for some good juxtaposition, we're off to the Museum of Sex in NYC!

Yes, this is on the street! Wide open! Sooooooooooo much fun. I just love the vulgarity of the store-front, we'd NEVER have something like this here. Very raunchy, good times.

I was, in all honesty, really blown away by a photography exhibit called Intimate Encounters: Disability and Sexuality. It was a fantastic project and a truly engaging exhibit.

I am one of a billion to take this picture.

I'm just not clear on where you're supposed to sit the Doritos.

Plushies, furries, this is merely the tip of the fetish iceberg. They had shit I'd never even heard of. There is a whole fetish for SITTING ON CAKES. Really.

I wasn't kidding about that tile.

More pics to come.....


Skylers Dad said...

The chair scares me!

Veloute said...

I'm still in shock about the apple pie. Why do you hate America?

Why do I look drunk while holding apple cider?

Why do I look like I am beaming something into Fiona's head?

I just love how they loved D. Those pictures are so awesome.

I am laughing at the doll.

I need a margarita.

Drew looks completely charming as usual.

And I need to go to the Museum of Sex.

So much to comment on here. Please come back soon!

Ellen Aim said...

Skyler's D: That chair is awesome. Scary but awesome.

Vel: Lol, I hate America and her apples, too!

Jesus, you do not look drunk. But you do look like you are doing something sinister to Fiona, it's amusing.

We all need margaritas.

You definitely should hit the Sex Museum (no pun intended).

I would LOVE to come back!