Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I think adults are just children who owe money.

I was going to see Sleuth tonight, as D is working and I need to catch up on my theatre movies. Alas, I chose not to. Well, it was all the way in downtown Dallas and my work day was really stupid.

Usually that would be a fine excuse to see a movie but considering the drive and the fact that it didn't even start til 9:45...I'm fairly prone to inaction, really.

And today was wicked stupid at work. I honestly don't know how many times I (inaudibly) said, "You fuckin' people," to myself. A lot. I lost count.

As I was getting ready to leave for the evening, a co-worker asked if I was going home for the night. "Yes," I said, "I'm going home to poke my eyes out." I think she was having a similar evening.

Time to go call Emily, as it's my turn to call back and it has been ages. She moved to San Francisco a few months ago, a city long at the top of my list to visit. She just can't move til I visit!


SkylersDad said...

I never get to see any movies these days, but this one looked good from the previews.

Ellen Aim said...

I thought so, too! But I have heard less than stellar things.

What do THEY know, though...