Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A frying pan. I'd have probably thought about that next.

And the photos continue...

Here we are at Spider House. I LOVE this place. Coffee, beer, hard liquor, pie, sandwiches, whatever. And a crazy backyard full of swings and bizarre sculpture. Note the head probably did not originate on this statue...

Gag. Girl very aware of having her picture taken, tries to look normal.

County Line, great place to sit for the afternoon. Those are not our beer glasses in the foreground. There always seem to be glasses left out from the night before when we go for lunch...

Breakfast at El Sol y La Luna. Always so fucking good.

Don't bring your evil here.

Warping back to June, Drew and I visited the Fort Worth Water Gardens, which I had not seen since being a wee child. They were actually closed for about two years after a family of four drowned in the main exhibit.

What you cannot see in these photos is how ridiculously hot it was that day. It was insane. We then went to Joe T. Garcia's for lunch. That place is, based on my experience there, the most goddamn overrated place to eat in North Texas.


Drew at the edge of the main pool.

This is the main exhibit, and four people were killed, each as one went in after the other trying to rescue the previous people, but the suction kept them down and well, that was that.

See? Not lying. And to the left of this memorial are two more adults' names from the 90s. It was very bizarre, I have no idea what happened to them.

Touching the wall is nice, especially on hot-ass days like this one, hard not to smush your face against the wall.

Then it was off to the Fort Worth Stock Yards (where I had never been before in all my years of living here).

Very Texas, Drew and I had Blue Bell ice cream and Dublin Dr. Peppers. Yum.

Behold. The Stock Yards.

Twice a day they move the longhorns back and forth. It's just as exciting as you might expect.

But they DO have some pretty impressive horns, I must say.

Then it was off to Billy Bob's, the honky tonk. This was the place that has rodeos every weekend and a dance floor whose mirrorball is a rhinestone-encrusted saddle. So awful it was great. Drew and I played several games of pool and had far too much beer, all for less than $20, what a great afternoon.

Looking at it now, it seems the $2.50 charge is for watching the rodeo, but at the time all the signs seemed to suggest that you could RIDE a real bull for $2.50. I just don't know. It's not appealing in either case, but the latter is totally scary.


Triana said...

Aw man, I miss the water gardens! I tried to take Jeff I guess last year when they were still closed down, we'll have to come back. Great pictures, btw. You're making me feel guilty. I must take more! I didn't take near enough in Vermont.

Veloute said...

Great pictures!

So sad about the family. :(

I feel like I have never been to Ft Worth now. Never been to the Stockyards!

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: I didn't take enough pics in VT, either! I need to get a point-and-shoot after Thanksgiving...

Vel: That's how I felt about FW; I never would have gone, either if an out-of-towner hadn't visited!

Veloute said...

Oh, and that dress is so bitchin. I love it.

Ellen Aim said...

Danke! I like it, too!