Monday, August 10, 2009

What's wrong with you, I gave you car smile.

I am still alive! Just getting first class assignments taken care of (orientation is next week) and making sure I have all my textbooks. I have to get my student ID and take my laptop in for its certification to be used in the building. It's going to be 90 or 94 today, so I may do the computer one tomorrow.

(I know, I know, this Dentonite is going to be wishing it was 94 in a couple months, I have no doubt.)

But I DID print out the form to register to vote. So I am remembering to do some random things and not others. I also need to call my local police department to get a Firearms Identification Card. For my pepper spray. I had no idea about this, my mom clued me in, since MA is one of the (what, two?) states that require this.

I had a lot of fun with my mom being here last week--got to do lots of Boston things and eat some great Boston food. She got in on a Friday afternoon and after my first easy success of picking someone up at the airport (it's weird to live in a city where the airport is not only IN the city but is actually a fairly short distance away), we dropped off everything at the apartment and headed to the North End for dinner...and dessert.

Salem and Hanover seem to be the major roads into Little Italy, but it's more tempting to stray off the beaten path in hopes of lesser-known yet somehow cheaper fare. The restaurants over here are not terribly cheap. On the other hand, there are a bunch of yummy pastry shops that are (considering the delectables they sell).

The woman ahead of us giggled when I was (audibly) having a hard time deciding. It's a lot like being 5 and in a giant stuffed animal shop.

These were the four winners. The cheesecake is divine but I'm going back for the key lime tart. I can make cheesecake, y'know, but that tart has these little pistachio discs that are ridiculously cute and tasty. The green thing is filled with mascarpone cheese and about five other people needed to help us eat it. And of course, the essential cannoli.

To be fair, I did attempt a lemon meringue pie the other day and it was such a disaster. I usually do well with desserts but this was an all-around suck. The crust was kinda pathetic. Then the lemon part wasn't the right viscosity despite my having cooked it to 190 and the meringue seemed to have stiff peaks but then didn't cook right (so I guess it wasn't). It was spectacular. Oh well, next time.

Then I made udon noodles and those sucked, too. So I left the house for dinner.

Anyway. Back to our story. The day after my mom arrived, Saturday, we went whale watching. First, however, we wandered up to the Harvard campus for food and walking. We chose a much-praised Indian place called Tamarind. Don't. Tough chicken, lukewarm food...the onion fritter things and na'an and potatoes were good, but meh. They were totally coasting on their rep, it was lame.

Harvard was nice, but I can't say I was impressed. Seriously, after Cornell's campus...nothing will top that. But I bet the area is nicer when the leaves are turning. Oh, and great library, natch.

I did sort of giggle to notice their dorms are just as shitty as everyone else's. It was sort of depressing and I'm not even attending.

Some buildings are still pretty great though, check out the doors...

And then while we were walking to dinner (Legal Seafoods) by the wharf/aquarium, we ran into THE WORLD'S FATTEST, CUTEST BUN:

I really don't know what his "job" was, but the little girl just mumbled something about him being a "bad bunny," to me while clearly completely enamored, so that's anyone's guess.

Ok, back to playing with textbooks. Joy.


Veloute said...

If you can get out now and then and continue to partake of pastries, you should be fine. YUM.

Hey, I registered to vote, too! I felt like writing, "I'm baaack!"

That is so odd about the pepper spray.

You know, lemon meringue pie is actually fairly tricky. I have failed at making that before. Well, I have failed at lots of things, but I still think about that failed lemon meringue pie (it was for someone else's Thanksgiving dinner, so...that sucked).

Good luck getting all those details sorted out!

Ellen Aim said...

HAHAHAHA, me need an excuse for pastries?

"It's Tuesday, I deserve a tart."

LOL @ "I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack." Know that feeling.

Apparently I was not paying close enough attention to the pie. I will master it next time, it SHALL be mine.

That just sucks cause lemony things are such heavenly goodness and I had to trash it. GRRR.

Veloute said...

See, now I feel like we both have to make lemon meringue pie. To show the pie who's boss. Am I right? Of course I am.

And, yes. Days of the week entitle me to pastries (or what ever troll treat I want) as well.

Oh, and love Mr Bun. The eyes. The chub. Love.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh, I will show that pie who's boss. You can bet on it. I'll learn it good.

I got to pet the Bun. He was SAAWWFT. Right before dinner, go me! (I had hand sanitizer w/me, 'sokay.)