Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have scruples, I got some for Christmas.

Dear John Cusack,

I'm pretty sure you can never make me hate you. That doesn't mean you don't like to try.

I mean, you know, I'll still watch. It just means I have til November to find a theater that sells beer.

Still trying to forgive you for Pushing Tin,
Ellen Aim

So despite Potter's 2 hr 33 min runtime, my AMC theatre yesterday still chose to run seven trailers with it. I do enjoy me some trailers, but especially considering the type that generally go in front of a kid-type film (not that this really is, but "they" don't care), meh, not always.

Two exceptions. First, as Veloute posted, Where the Wild Things Are looks really, really promising. Totally got my fingers crossed. Second, for a simpler, cheesy fix, I have to say I'm really looking forward to the first (good?) Disney 2D flick in a quite a long time:

And then at the end, strangely, mixed in while all the kid-type previews, they still threw this in:

(Again, I really want to like this. Even though it looks like RDJ doing himself in an SNL skit.)

Please don't suck. And I think I'm really getting tired of Jude Law, so I'll try to work on that, kthxbai.


alex said...

Eh, Jude may be overexposed, but I have a hard time disliking him because he's a good actor. (But I may just be saying that because I rewatched Gattaca (:P) for him just the other night, and he was so great in that modest role. Especially when he's chewing out the salesperson on the phone: "I'm BORED talking to you now. BORED.")

(Speaking of early roles AND RDJ, watch Weird Science, man. His mohawk is right out of Back to School.)

My prediction of Sherlock Holmes is that it's going to suck, but RDJ and JL will make it watchable.

Veloute said...

I'll be there for Sherlock Homes (yeah, it'll probably suck, but it's Sherlock Homes) but this 2012?! That totally looks like the suck.

I think I'm required to watch Disney, so no choice there (but that does look interesting)!

Where the Wild Things Are? No brainer. I. Can't. Wait.