Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm going to get chip faced.

I will have an actual post soon, I swear. I still have cool pics I have not posted!

But it's getting hotter and I have to go somewhere before it gets too gross out where I can study. Well, read. We have pre-orientation crap to do, yay. By Tuesday.

I saw Funny People the other day, and it wasn't bad. I usually can't stand Adam Sandler, but this was a nice middle ground for him. Not stupid and not SERIOUS. The movie, however, had a hard time mixing poignant and humorous. It wasn't that it couldn't decide what to be, it just didn't mix them well.

(I was trying to think of a movie that does, and the only one I can think of that does it effortlessly is In Bruges. That is seriously a great movie.)

But in any case, I did like all the actors in Funny People and while it was an enjoyable viewing, it was much longer than I anticipated. It also didn't help that the premise of the film as I understood it was dealt with by the middle of the film, leaving me wondering why it was still on and how long it was going to dawdle on the remaining issue, which was far less interesting.

So I recommend for DVD viewing, to be honest.

But what was much harder for me to watch was a trailer that came before. I know I always grumble about how hard it will be to sit through "the new Sandra Bullock movie" but usually I'm up for some good guilty pleasure.

This is not one of those. This "offensive" too blunt?

Let me just be one of many to say right off the bat: can you fucking imagine if the sexes were switched? And even as it is, this is just not cool.

Most rom-coms of the "desperately seeking soul-mate" variety are bad enough as it is, perpetuating the nauseating notion of impossible romantic scenarios, bad dialogue and matching chocolate Labs, but when they veer into stalker territory in a seemingly celebratory fashion...well, as Tim Gunn would say, it worries me.

Who knows, maybe I'm reading the trailer wrong.

And speaking of creepy, I just wrote all that and then the trailer played behind me on the TV in here. You'll be relieved to know it's actually coming out in September, rather than March.

Ok, today I'm picking up fresh figs at the grocery store I found yesterday near school. Far more interesting, actually, was the frozen meat section, including but not limited to: yak, llama, caribou (!), wild boar (YUM), and for the win: iguana. And it really looked like the big fat iguana tail shrink wrapped on the white styrofoam platter that it was.

And HOORAY for the season 3 premiere of Mad Men tonight!


alex said...

Wow, Sandy. Half a step forward with The Proposal, four giant steps back with this plopper.

And please tell me that's a wig. And a favor.

(Also: Tim Gunn quote = win.)

Jade said...
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Ellen Aim said...

Favor? That's kind, I was thinking blackmail...